HealingThe ChakrasYoga
April 18, 2017

Teaching Chakra Healing at the Yoga Expo

​"When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. And in my hour of darkness She is standing right in front of me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be." - The Beatles  These words have always unlocked a certain compartment of my heart. I don't know where they came from, or what dimension Sir Paul might have pulled them from one rainy, London night,…
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Divine FeminineMotherhoodSuki Story
April 6, 2017

4 Spiritual Practices to Teach Your Baby

I still remember bringing Mishka home from the hospital... She was such a delicate little creature with wide eyes and long, dainty fingers. We drove home so slowly, stopping cautiously at every light. It was as if I was emerging from some long, deep, daydream and now reality was hitting me... I had a baby. A baby girl. And she was coming home with me. To our home. To live forever. It was beautiful and terrifying…
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