Author & Blogger “Writing is the sweetest way to uncover the spirit.” – Suki Eleuterio

I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. My dreams were always vivid and filled with color and action. My poems were a window into my soul. I write not because I choose to, but because it is an eternal fire that burns in my heart.

As I write I am compelled to encourage others to write along side me. I believe that writing is incredibly healing and soothing. It gives us a glimpse into our true nature and allows us space to marinate and navigate our feelings.

My first book, She Loved Herself, is a collection of stories by women on the topic of self love and self care. The idea for the book came to me in the early morning hours as I was waking from bed. I knew I had to reach out to women and ask them to share their stories of self love. When it came together the work was effortless and immensely rewarding.

You can purchase the book on Amazon in print or as a digital download.

She Loved Herself BookShe Loved Herself

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