The spiritual cure for

Burn Out

A journey to remember your joy, cultivate inner peace, and finally break the cycle of burnout.

A Peaceful Life

I know what burnout feels like. Because I’ve run my whole life on a cycle of creativity, bursts of energy, working hard, burning the midnight oil, and then hitting a brick wall.

It doesn’t work. It will catch up with you.

If you let it, it will make you sick.

The CURE to burnout involves intense self-love and surrender. It involves creating new spiritual systems for success. It involves listening to your body and intuitive guidance.

When we get curious with burnout we find there is an underlying reason. It can be linked to our past, our ancestry, and our programming. 

To undo the burnout, you must realign with the frequency of your spirit. A peaceful life awaits you. A life that is fulfilling and free is on the other side of these breakdowns. 

Are you ready for a complete transformation? 

The pattern of burnout

Can Be Healed

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.

By the time you have acknowledged your burnout, it’s already too late. You’re probably sick. You’re probably calling out of work. You’re probably unable to move. You’re probably beyond exhausted. You’ve crashed. But there is a way to heal this.

You can start living a life of freedom, passion, and joy! 

In my group coaching program, we follow a 3-part system:

1. Understanding the roots: ancestral healing, lineage work, breaking patterns, excavating shadow. Asking: where does this burnout really come from? 

2. Soul nourishment: coming back to your passions/creativity, creating self-care practice, soul-guided desires, rhythms and rituals, and feminine embodiment. Listening to your body and spirit. 

3. New boundaries, new agreements: creating ongoing structures for spiritual success. Strengthening your boundaries. Saying no. Letting go of perfectionism and high achieving. Breaking the cycle of burnout for good. 

Each month you will receive:

⭐ Monthly group coaching/healing/empowerment sessions
⭐ Guided meditations
⭐ Journal questions to get to the deeper root of the burnout
⭐ Energy healings
⭐ Guest speakers
⭐ 10% off all Sookton programs

What is Included?

🌸 One 60-minute deep dive session with Suki (*$333 value)
🌸 Private
Facebook group 
2 monthly group coaching sessions 
Access to SOFTEN program (*$555 value)
🌸 Guest speakers 

🌸 6-month program 

A safe space for healing
Inner child work and ancestral work
A return to your JOY 

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6 months

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