Video and Television Appearances

I have made several television appearances and I love to share inspiration, love, and light with the world. If you would like me to appear on your television show or podcast, contact me.

Paranormal Survivor


Suki and her husband Rob appeared on the Destination America show “Paranormal Survivor,” skip to the 26 minute mark to see their experience living in a haunted house.

The Anything Bucket TV Show


Suki appeared on The Anything Bucket TV show with Jonathan Jdogg Lederman. She discussed her book “She Loved Herself” and the importance of sharing your story.


Anxiety, Fear & Taking a Risk


Sometimes overcoming anxiety, fear, and depression begins with breaking your silence. It might mean going to your uncomfortable place. But that’s when you see your raw emotion, that’s when you hear your truth. And in helping yourself, you may be helping countless of other people!

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