The Soul-Guided

Inner Circle

A monthly membership group for soul-guided living and spiritual awakening

Hey sweet one.

It’s time to start listening to your soul. The whispers. The inner guidance. The heart strings. 

Maybe you’ve been seeing the signs, noticing the numbers, getting visits from the animals and birds, or looking at the world with new eyes. Suddenly things seem to be so clear.

You’ve traveled through some dark spaces. You’ve had a moment to look at yourself in the mirror now and you’ve seen so much more in those eyes.

It’s like you’ve just woken up from a long, long sleep. Welcome SISTAR. Welcome, Brother. You are home. 

This is the spiritual awakening. This is the time of revelation. This is the journey back to the soul. 

You’ve been on this journey thousands of times. Do you remember? Maybe it’s a little blurry, but it’s there in the back of your mind.


I am welcoming the awakened sisters and brothers to dive into a deeper journey with me. Calling you to step up to the table now, are you ready?

This is the SOUL-GUIDED

Inner Circle

Who’s here at the table?

High-priestesses, goddesses, conscious men, creatives, highly sensitives, empaths, introverts, intuitives, spiritual seekers, mystics, seers, galactic time travellers, the starseeds, the magicians, the woo-woo tribe, the little bit witchy, the outsiders, the dreamers, the outliers.

Let’s get soul-guided.
Come and join my Soul-Guided Inner Circle.

Each month you will receive:

⭐ Monthly group coaching/healing/empowerment sessions
⭐ Guided meditations
⭐ Journal questions and soul-guided workbooks
⭐ Energy healings
⭐ Guest speakers
⭐ 10% off all Sookton programs

Topics for 2021 will include:

🌸 Coming out of the spiritual “closet”
Spiritual protection & boundaries for empaths
Harnessing your creative energy
Manifesting money & abundance
Communicating with your spirit guides
Finding your inner peace
Rituals, altars, and crystal magic
Understanding your divine gifts
Shadow work and loving the inner child
The power of your intuition


Inner Circle

Per month


3 months

$147 $126

6 months

$294 $222

12 months

$588 $360

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