A sacred container into the Mother Wound to heal and reparent the inner child

Have you been on a journey of self-discovery & alignment?

Have you been called to work on the relationship with your own mother? Or perhaps you’ve noticed an ancestral pattern that needs healing? Are you finding yourself triggered or reactionary to your children’s behaviors without being aware of where those reactions root from?

The first place we learn about love, self-care, and nourishment is from our mothers. Right now around the world, there is a shift towards divine feminine awakening. We are being asked to dig deeper into the wounds from the past. We are being tasked to truly love ourselves. We are being called to bring the sacred energies of divine masculine and divine feminine back into a healthy balance.


We see you. We hear you. It is time to dive deep together.

What was the relationship like with your own mother? Maybe your own path into motherhood, fertility, and/or birth has brought up feelings from the past. Or perhaps there’s just a softening and awareness within you that something needs to be shifted in your relationship with mothering, mothers, and motherhood.

You are in the right space.

In this, 3-month journey, come explore the Mother Wound, an ancestral pattern of pain that desires to be acknowledged and healed.

“If we avoid dealing with the pain
associated with one of the most primary and foundational relationships in our lives [mother], we are missing a pivotal opportunity to discover the truth of who we are and to authentically and joyfully live that truth.”

– Bethany Webster, The Mother Wound

In this group program you will receive

Two Zoom gather sessions per month 

Meditations + intention setting 

Writing prompts and journaling

Support and sisterhood 

Awareness into ancestral patterns

Energetic shifts and awakening to heal from pain

Topics we will cover in this course:

🌸 What is the Mother Wound?

🌸 Shadow Work and the Black Madonna

🌸 Shame, self-sabotage, and Mother’s Guilt

🌸 Releasing perfectionism, comparison, and/or judgment 

🌸 Toxic relationships and healthy boundaries 

🌸 Good enough syndrome and low self worth 

🌸 The gift of receiving, pregnancy, and motherhood

Are you ready to stop the cycle of parental harm?

Ready to join this divine circle?


Payment Plan →
3 payments of $99/month

About us

Meet Suki

“I am a spiritual and business coach, blogger, podcaster, wife, and mommy to two baby girls and two fur baby hounds. Over the years I have found various avenues of self-expression including writing, creating visionary online programs, teaching high-vibrational workshops, and creating soul-guided communities like Found My Light and Lightworkers Rise Up. My passion is to help people in three areas: self-expression, the mother wound, and energetic shifts for their business and life.”

Meet Kimber

“I am an energetic coach and I seek to help others thrive in life by nurturing their body, mind, and spirit connection. My magical superpower is guiding those who are ready through journeys of self-inquiry and discovery to uncover their healing. I love yoga and movement because it makes me feel healthy from the inside out.”