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My name is Suki. I am here to help you…

Stop the cycle of burnout to embrace a life of joyful peace.

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The Burnout Cure

The Burnout Cure

A new approach to healing burnout

By the time you acknowledge your burnout, it’s already too late. You’re probably sick. You’re getting very little sleep. You’re calling out of work. You’re physically and emotionally exhausted. You’ve crashed. My Burnout Cure workbook will help you look at burnout in a new light and give you immediate tips to start living back in alignment and flow. 

I'm so ready!

Work with me

with me

In Person Retreats

Have you been feeling burnt out and creatively exhausted? It’s time to PLAY and step into your next-level self. Join me for a VIP DAY in Miami or a city near you. We will be gathering at a luxury hotel to experience luxury, abundance, transformation, and healing.

Book out two days on your calendar and prepare to come back a WHOLE

Private Mentorship

My Creative Goddess private mentorship is a sacred container, a Divine portal, a cosmic journey to help you quantum leap into your most expressive, creative, and abundant self.

You can choose to work together for 6 or 12 months and both options include access to my Creative Goddess Mastermind group.

Self-Guided Courses

Choose from self-guided courses to inspire, empower, and transform your life. Work at your own pace, grow in your own way.

My courses are designed to ignite your soul, choose between my masterclass Rise & Receive, my self guided course Reclaimed: awaken your goddess energy, or the Creative Goddess Academy, signature course for creative visionaries on the rise.

Soul-Guided with Sookton

The Podcast

Listen to the #1 Spiritual podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and iHeartRadio to shift your energy, uplift your mood & connect you to your soul


It’s Time to Rise & Receive

I know you’re tired of the hustle. Right now you’re feeling burned out, stressed, and unmotivated. On the outside things might look peachy – you’re the perfectionist, the one that everyone else looks up to, the driven, ambitious one – but on the inside, you’ve been feeling empty and cold.

Let’s dance with Goddess.
Let’s get you receiving the most abundance, the most joyous, the most expressive you’ve ever felt!

I work in the magical realms of abundance, creativity, and light codes. Today the Divine Feminine is rising. It’s time to call back your power and access the level of abundance that has always been your birthright.

Goddess, it’s time for you to rise.
To step firmly and boldly into this next-level version of yourself.

Goddess, it’s time for you to receive.
To let go of any resistance and be granted ALL of your soul desires.

It’s time to become a

Creative Goddess

When you work with me you
will experience:

Bursts of Creativity
Harmony In Your Inner World
Better Relationships
Prioritize your Spiritual Health
Permission to Rest
Divine Feminine Flow
Quantum Energetic Shifts
Clarity in your Business/ Soul Purpose


This is the
Real Me

Creativity is my superpower and I am here to help people live a life of passion, abundance, and ease. I do this by using specific tools that have assisted me in my creative journey along the way: embodiment, spiritual rituals, goddess worship, and yoga.

In case you don’t know me, my name is Suki Eleuterio or “Sookton.” The name Sookton came many years ago as a pet name my husband used to call me. I am a mother, wife, cosmic time traveler, blogger, writer, tea drinker, multi-ethnic, healing spaces facilitator, multi-passionate, motivational speaking, energy shifting spiritual coach, and down-to-earth creativity mentor.

Over the years I have found various avenues of self-expression including writing (my work has been published in the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and other publications), creating visionary online programs, teaching high-vibrational courses, speaking on massive stages, creating communities like Found My Light and Lightworkers Rise Up, and much more.

These are the
Tools I Use In
My Coaching:

✨ Yoga, Ayurveda, Ancient Philosophies
✨ Astrology, Natal Charts
✨ Human Design
✨ Ancestors, Goddesses, and Spirit Guides Channeling
✨ Usui Reiki and Energy Healing
✨ Shamanism from the Munay-Ki
✨ Traditional Chinese Medicine
✨ 10+ Years of Digital Marketing Experience
✨ 10+ Years of Blogging
✨ 3 Years of Podcasting
Often my clients are successful, soul-guided entrepreneurs but they come to me when they are exhausted. They might be feeling burned out, stressed, and unmotivated.

My prescription is to reconnect with the + Goddess Within + to HAVE FUN, PLAY, DANCE, EXPRESS. It may seem lighthearted but this is all part of the deep, inner healing. The release of the old to invite the new. I do this through personalized care and on-going coaching or in-person VIP days and retreats to luxurious and fabulous locations.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. I’m obsessed with tea, candles, and crystals
  2. My Family Are My Everything
  3. I grew up in Kenya and love my ethnic mix
  4. I was in a show on Netflix about ghosts
  5. I’m an Aries with a Libra Moon and Cancer Rising
    + Human Design Generator

My Blog

Reconnect with Your Inner Queen to Release Low Self Worth

Reconnect with Your Inner Queen to Release Low Self Worth

We all have an inner queen. A confident, loving, vibrant soul living within us who carries divine feminine and divine masculine energy. The problem is, so many people are disconnected from their soul, and from the truth of who they really are. This disconnect causes a...

Human Design Projectors Need Rest!

Human Design Projectors Need Rest!

Here's a Secret Human Design Projectors need a TON of rest! Over the past few years I have been immersing myself in the teachings of Human Design (including learning about Human Design Projectors) and I find the topic to be fascinating! When I learned that I was a...

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My client Results

“Her program gave me the confidence to speak up and work on my writing.”

“Working with Suki came at a time in my life when I had transitioned out of my old job and I knew I was ready to start putting myself front and center on the main stage in my new industry as a healer.

At the time I was so afraid of writing and thinking my writing wasn’t powerful enough, fluid enough, coherent enough. Letting myself be put out there and feel confident was so inspiring.

I loved the program, I think everyone should take it. It really was worth every penny and more.”

Danielle Kitzes

“I just booked my first [high ticket] client! I’m so grateful to Suki.”
“This was the biggest confirmation for me.

And now I’m ready more than ever to show up and believe in what I’m offering and my ability to receive and help.

A few days later I got a second client!! And they just paid in full. I haven’t even launched {my program} yet. And I just feel like I’m so grateful for Suki because that my coaching experience with her was so impactful for me in so many ways.”

Hanna Masen
“…Something has changed. I’m lighter. I experienced a significant shift.”
“In life there is reality, a person’s mindset, and then something deeper. Something ancestral. Something so deep it goes back to the makeup of who we are as a being. That is what Suki taps into.

There are multiple times within my coaching calls that Suki would point something out that I thought “okay…that’s not a big deal. That’s just how it is.” She gently guides me through how that one thing may be holding me back. Then assigned me to do something during the week.

As a successful entrepreneur, I came to Suki because I felt stuck. I brought success to my multiple clients, but my own business felt stagnant.

Working with Suki, I’ve changed my focus of my services from something I’m good at to something that enlivens me and makes a difference to my ideal clients. I’ve also shifted my relationship with receiving. Overall, Suki has guided me to connect to my feminine energy. This changes how I lead and how I go about my business. Suki is worth her weight in gold!”

Ludmia Lamothe
“Suki taught me how to feel loved and how to feel safe, and how to connect to my womb space again…”
“Working with Suki has been a pleasurable experience for me. Suki is extremely talented in so many areas.

I relied on my mother to feel loved and to feel safe. Suki taught me how to feel loved and how to feel safe, and how to connect to my womb space again after my mother passed away.

For years, I kept avoiding my emotional pains by keeping myself busy by working three jobs, going to college, being a mother of a special needs child, and taking care of our house. My body was screaming for me to slow down. I was also put on blood pressure medication, I got sick quite often.

After working with Suki, my health is improving. A few weeks ago, my doctor cut my blood pressure medication in half. I feel loved, safe, and so much freer.”

Reena Shugart