The  Vip Experience
with Suki

The  Vip Experience
with Suki


Take a dive into your deepest healing, your greatest expansion, your pure, soul-guided mission. Treat yourself to a VIP day or coaching experience with spiritual coach, Suki Eleuterio.

Step Into Expression, Expansion and Magic

There comes a time when you know it’s time to grow, you’ve tried other ways and they didn’t work, and now you just want someone to show you the way.

I am here to be your SOUL GUIDE.

You will walk this journey up the mountain on your own, but I am here to be your magical fairy companion, your divine cheerleader, your coach-ess with the mostess, and…honestly, life is too short to not have fun while you rise.

My coaching experiences are truly one of a kind.

You’re going to get time to relax, heal, expand, grow, and attune to your inner most desires. Through this space of feminine embodiment, we will customize your experience. This means we could work on business strategy and career goals or we might work on your voice. We may decide upon your love life or we may jump into some deep ancestral healing.

Beautiful SOUL it’s time to shine!

You + Me

in Miami

It’s time to PLAY and step into your next level self. Join me for a VIP DAY in the most vibrant city in America: Miami. We will be gathering at a luxury hotel in Miami to experience all the heat, energy, and expansion this amazing city has to offer. 

During the 6 hours together with me, you will receive:

🌺 1-1 coaching and deep-dive spiritual sessions
🌺 Yoga and meditation 
🌺 Healthy lunch and drinks
🌺 Activations, chakra healing and alignment 
🌺 A branding Photoshoot by my amazing photographer
🌺 A written game plan of action (homework)
🌺 3 follow up calls to ensure success

This all-inclusive retreat-style luxury day is just what you need to get grounded, clear and activated! In order to attract abundance, you need to STEP into abundance. I know you deserve it!

Investment: $4,411 (includes 1 night hotel stay + lunch)


Be Your Own Boss



Voxer is a Walkie Talkie App which allows the coach and the client to interact back and forth via voice memo chats .

How does it work? As a client, you can send a voice message to me and I will respond back. If you are online, they can hear my voice chat to you live in real time, meaning you can respond right away, like a real conversation. 

Through Voxer coaching we might target specific obstacles we will work through together. My clients have received excellent results through Voxer. 


“I feel like I have been under the wing of a very safe and knowledgeable guide. You have shown me that what it looks like to not judge myself for any and all of my flaws, insecurities, mistakes. You have reminded me of the softer ways of approaching business and still be successful.

You have shown me that what it looks and feels like to be in flow even when life is not going the way I think it should be or that I am doing things differently than I wish I could. and to be in full  acceptance of the now moment, as it already is. You also validated that I am a worthy and powerful healer/coach which I used to see in myself and lately haven’t been able to.” – F. M., Fort Lauderdale

Investment: $197/week or $777 per month.



You are invited to join my signature program – VISION TO LAUNCH, an Intuitive, Soul-Guided, Cosmic Approach to Launching Your Dream Business.

I know exactly what that feels like to WISH I was finally working my dream job. You see for years I was the girl trying so hard to fit in, working a job that I hated and feeling my creative energy dying. I know what it’s like to have so many creative ideas and absolutely no direction. I know what it feels like to resist something but feel your soul pulling you to try something new.

When I started listening to my heart everything changed.

But I didn’t take a traditional business approach to launching my business. I took the spiritual route and guess what? It was not only successful, it was enriching to my SOUL.

I believe as you learn, you should teach. 

Vision to Launch is the SOUL MAP that I wish I had to help you launch, re-launch, or settle into the business of your dreams. To help you solidify your purpose, to give you the courage to STEP UP. It is a place for dreamers, artists, creatives, and priestesses. This is your time to shine, to launch, to birth your creations into life. 

Investment: $1,888 or $450/month for 4 months.


I am here to be a catalyst for your evolution and expansion

When it is time to truly step into the next level, highest vibration, superstar version of yourself your SOUL always knows the right path

We will be doing all the work

…spiritual, mental, emotional, and strategic/business – to get you seen, heard, and shining like a star



3 months

Each of my packages are highly customized to the specific needs of my high-vibrational clients. My three month packages include daily Voxer support, 10 sessions (60 minutes each), journaling and embodiment homework and more. All clients get access to my video vault that includes meditations and power ups for your life. 

Here are some examples of the type of work I do with my clients over three months:

✔️ Manifesting a lifelong romantic partner
✔️ Launching your soul-guided business
✔️ Overcoming fear of being seen
✔️ Raising your prices, self worth
✔️ Re-branding after grief and loss
✔️ Messaging, sales copy, social media posts
✔️ Burnout, stagnation, lack of FIRE

Investment: $7,777 (payment plans available) 



6 months

Calling all STARSEEDS!

Starseeds are spiritual beings who are familiar with galactic and celestial realms that are far beyond our current knowledge. When a starseed decides to come back to Earth, they have some MASSIVE work to do – both personally (your own evolution) and in a planetary sense (our higher consciousness). 

 Welcome Starseed, I am here to help guide you. 

We will initiate the deep healing work. We will be working through ancestral healing, energy upgrades and activations, strategy and creative birthing and so much more. 

My six month packages include daily Voxer support, 10 sessions (60 minutes each), journaling and embodiment homework and more. All clients get access to my video vault that includes meditations and power ups for your life. 

OUTCOMES to expect in six months of coaching:

✔️ Cultivated daily practice of rituals, rites, and devotion
✔️ Confidence, inner strength, courage
✔️ Shifting into the Quantum and how to lead others there
✔️ Strategies for success, tangible, real outcomes you can count

Investment: $12,222 (payment plans available) 





Enter the 



This package includes all the exclusive services in the lower tiers but also features one two-day, in-person VIP retreat experience at a United States destination of our choice. Step into the transformation, access the deepest DIVINE knowledge in this full year immersion into the Divine. The spiritual, luxurious, high-vibrational, expansion begins in the FEELING of rest and retreat.

Topics to cover will include: Divine Feminine, Embodiment, Marketing and Visibility, Law of Attraction Rituals, Creativity, Expansion, Money Magnetism, and Ancestral Healing. 

Let’s open our hearts together and shower you with abundance. 

Investment: $22,222 (payment plans available).