The  Vip Experience
with Suki

The  Vip Experience
with Suki

Take a dive into your deepest healing, your greatest expansion, your pure, soul-guided mission

Step Into Luxury, Expansion and Magic

There comes a time when you know it’s time to grow, you’ve tried other ways and they didn’t work, and now you just want someone to show you the way.

I am here to be your SOUL GUIDE.

You will walk this journey up the mountain on your own, but I am here to be your magical fairy companion, your divine cheerleader, your coach-ess with the mostess, and…honestly, life is too short to not have fun while you rise.

My VIP experiences are truly one of a kind.

You’re going to get time to relax, heal, expand, grow, and attune to your inner most desires. Through this space of feminine embodiment, we will customize your experience. This means we could work on business strategy and career goals or we might work on your voice. We may decide upon your love life or we may jump into some deep ancestral healing.

Beautiful SOUL it’s time to shine!

½ Day

level up

⭐ ½ day and full day experiences In-Person or Virtual (Available on Zoom or In-Person in Miami)

🌺 3 hours of 1:1 coaching time – allow me to answer all your questions and uncover any blocks holding you back
🌺 A glamorous 1/2 day together in Miami or Fort Lauderdale or online (your choice upon booking)
🌺 Yoga and meditation session for your chakra attunement
🌺 A detailed plan of action so you can take immediate inspired action steps from this level up half day



⭐ Full Day VIP Experience

🌺 Sunrise yoga and vegan juices (yes we have to wake up early 🥰)
🌺 6 hours of 1:1 time with me where I answer all your questions and uncover any blocks you may have
🌺 A glamorous 1/2 day together in Miami or Fort Lauderdale (your choice upon booking)
🌺 A beautiful breakfast and lunch with a stunning view
🌺 Yoga and meditation session for your chakra attunement
🌺 Private Spa treatment and bodywork for ultimate releases and expansion
🌺 A welcome packet that includes a soul-guided questionnaire, to get to know you and your unique needs
🌺 A clear, written plan of action you can take home with you, so you can continue to work your magic after our magical day!

I am here to be a catalyst for your evolution and expansion

When it is time to truly step into the next level, highest vibration, superstar version of yourself your SOUL always knows the right path

We will be doing all the work

…spiritual, mental, emotional, and strategic/business – to get you seen, heard, and shining like a star



3 months

Each of my packages are highly customized to the specific needs of my high-vibrational clients.

🌺 Twelve 60-minute deep-dive sessions
🌺 Free access to my Vision to Launch program
🌺 Website and social media audit
🌺 Message and branding clarification
🌺 Pricing, packaging, and marketing plan
🌺 30-60 day launch strategy
🌺 Energy healing – spiritual blocks + biz blocks



3 months

NAB MY TEAM. In this customizable package, you will get to work with me and some of my team.

🌺 Twelve 60-minute deep-dive sessions with me
🌺 Website and social media audit
🌺 Free access to my Vision to Launch program
🌺 1-page landing page – your site or your course (built and designed by my designer)

 60-minute consult with my designer
 6 social media graphics for your course or brand
 Email funnel set up and 3 drip emails
 Professional logo

🌺 60-minute social media strategy consult with my virtual assistant


Rainbow aura


This package includes all the exclusive services in the lower VIP tiers but also features one two-day, in-person VIP retreat experience in Miami. Work with my team, receive branding pictures with my photographer, set up a 5-page world-class website, step into the transformation, access the deepest DIVINE knowledge. The spiritual, luxurious, high-vibrational, expansion begins in the FEELING of rest and retreat.

Let’s open our hearts together and shower you with abundance.