Hey Babe, You are the


Have you been feeling STAGNANT?
Does your BIG VISION need extra TLC?
Want to Attract High-Ticket clients?
Want to move from HUSTLE to FLOW?
Are ready to make a BIG IMPACT on the world?



The Mastermind

Now is the time for you to upgrade your energy. 

It’s time for the High Priestesses. It’s time for the Mystics. It’s time for the Savants. It’s time for the Creatives. It’s time for the Lightworkers. It’s time for the Empaths. It’s time for the Healers. 

This is your time to magnetize. 

Have you been feeling the vibration rising? I want to help you learn all about magnetism and magic, so you can step fully into your purpose.

✨Let’s talk about


💎✨ It’s an attraction force. It’s intuitive. It’s magical. It’s guided. It’s fun. It’s ever-present.

But we have all forgotten about how magnetic we really are!

You see magnetism comes from the SOUL. It’s energy. Have you been listening to your inner wisdom? Or letting it slide.

When I started discovering my energy, magnetism, and how I could harness (or not harness) my energy, I was an anxious 28-year-old with a chronic illness, living in a constant state of fear.

This was the old me:

  • I was eating poorly
  • I was ignoring my intuition
  • I was working a dead-end job
  • I was drowning in credit card debt
  • I was self-loathing and critical of myself
  • I was stagnant in my creation
  • I was sick and anxious all the time
  • I was an emotional shopper

I Looked at Myself in the Mirror One Day…

And I had enough! I wasn’t going to keep living like this! 

So I took it into my own hands and started listening to that tiny voice – that whisper of truth that had been with me all along.

I am the Magnet

It was time to turn this ship around.

Today I stand with confidence in knowing that everything I do is soul-guided.

Knowing that I am a Magnet and the soul force within me will always attract every experience in my life that is for my greater good. 

It doesn’t matter if the experience is “good” or “bad,” it is what my soul requires for evolution. I stepped fully into my purpose. I live in my creative flow. And now I am tasked at helping others understand this magnetism.

This mastermind is for you if you would like to:

Embrace rituals and rites to step into your Highest vision

Raise your vibrational standards

Earn more money than you ever have before

Manifest and receive with ease and grace 

Feel supported in sisterhood and community

Connect with the Divine Council of Goddesses 

Activate your inner wild woman and your inner empress

This mastermind is a transformational experience for coaches, teachers, speakers, healers, and those who have chosen to make a big impact on the consciousness of the planet.

Meet some of the powerhouse women I have worked with…


Your Life Through 10 Magical Rites

Rite of Alignment 

Shift your vibration, start living in alignment with your soul 

Rite of Community

Receive support from a community of high-vibrational beings

✨ Rite of Embodiment

Create daily embodiment rituals 

✨ Rite of the Empress

Let your inner Empress free 

✨ Rite of Visibility 

Magnetize your online presence 

✨ Rite of Irresistibility 

Attract High-Ticket clients with ease

✨ Rite of the Wild Woman 

Let your inner wild woman free 

✨ Rite of Abundance 

Bring more wealth into your life 

✨ Rite of Self Worth 

Heal from the old, Quantum Leap into the new 

✨ Rite of Receiving 

Release any resistance to fully receiving what you deserve

What’s Included:

✨ 6 months of transformation
✨ Weekly expansive journal prompts
✨ 18 Live Group Mastermind Calls
✨ Private Facebook Community
✨ 3 private 1-1 calls with Suki
✨ Voxer support (M-F 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Plus all these goodies if you pay in full or sign up by October 11, 2021

✨ Miami group VIP Day in January 2022 – Join Suki and the mastermind ladies for a day of expansion, healing, and champagne at a luxury hotel in Miami (** If travel prohibits we will do this virtually)
✨ Access to my course Wildly Successful Soul ($222 value)
✨ Access to my workbook Magnetic Money Mastery

✨ One extra 90 minute 1-1 session with Suki
✨ VIP Gift from Suki

$̶8̶8̶8̶8̶  ($7777)