Reconnect with Your Inner Queen to Release Low Self Worth

by | Mar 1, 2023

We all have an inner queen. A confident, loving, vibrant soul living within us who carries divine feminine and divine masculine energy. The problem is, so many people are disconnected from their soul, and from the truth of who they really are. This disconnect causes a belief that you are only as good as who you are on the surface… How attractive you are, how much you have accomplished in life, your bank account, your material possessions, etc. But at the soul-level, we are all equal. We are all one. We are all WORTHY. The key to unlocking this worthiness is to reconnect to your inner queen.

The Cause of the Disconnect

When we come to earth in human form, we all have lessons our souls want to learn. The desire for this learning shapes our early lives and our experiences. We forget where we came from, so to speak. We become completely focused on our human form and our external circumstances. Many people disconnect from their soul completely, or have no awareness of it. Traumatic experiences that facilitate our soul’s growth can also cause us to become disconnected. These experiences can also impact our sense of self worth.

What is an Inner Queen, Anyway?

Your inner queen is your divine feminine. It is an aspect of your higher self, the part of your soul that exists within your body. Your inner queen is the one who shows you how receive, how to relax, how to allow things to unfold around you. She is not in a hurry. She is not going to force anything to happen. Instead, she simply states what she wants and then allows it to come to her. A queen attracts. She declares. She always gets what she wants. A queen knows how powerful she is, and she knows what she deserves.

3 Ways to Reconnect

Remembering your self worth is as simple as reconnecting to your inner queen and embodying your inherent worthiness. Here are three ways to do just that, so you can allow yourself to receive all of the amazing health, wealth and abundance that are your birth right.


A regular meditation practice creates a mind-body-spirit connection and helps to calibrate you to the truth of who you are. Gradually, as you practice quieting your mind through meditation, your soul will begin to speak to you. This will sound like a soft whisper at first, but with practice, the guidance you receive and the inner peace you feel will become stronger and more obvious.

 Chanting Mantras

Mantras are a sacred chant and sound that aligns you with a specific vibration. The use of mantras is an ancient spiritual practice that originated in India. There are many different mantras you can find, each with a specific prayer or goal. YouTube is a good resource for finding both mantras and guided meditations.


Spend a day listening to your inner dialogue- that little voice inside your head that is constantly speaking to you. Whenever you hear a negative thought or phrase about yourself, write it down. When you have a list of about 3-5 negative statements you’ve noticed, sit down and on a separate piece of paper, write out the opposite of the negative statement. These are your new affirmations. Speak them out loud at least once every day and you’ll begin to rewire your subconscious thought patterns and tap into your self worth.

Embody your Inner Queen

What would happen if you allowed yourself to fully embody the identity of a queen? What would that look like for you? I encourage you to explore the ways in which you can embody your inner queen. Begin to embody your inherent worthiness & authentic power. Embody your knowingness. Embody the receiving, the allowing. Declare what you want and KNOW that it is on its way to you, all in divine timing. All because you deserve it. I love helping my clients connect to the divinity within them. If you are ready to fully embody your inner queen, book a quick call to learn how I can support you.


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