She Loved Herself

She Loved Herself

After many years of wishing and dreaming and hoping, I finally did it and wrote a book! The book – She Loved Herself – was a collaboration between myself and thirteen other beautiful women. The idea came to me one morning when I woke up and heard the words, “she loved herself.” I realized there was a deep need in the world for women to love and honor themselves.

So I reached out to some women in my community and asked them to write about what it meant to love themselves.

And what did we find? We found out that loving yourself has many ups and downs. We found out that being raw and honest and open is pretty darn awesome because it inspires others to be open and honest too. We found out that if we shift our energy to loving ourselves then our communities will learn to love each other and the world will be a brighter place.

I’m working on Volume II and currently seeking extraordinary women from around the world who have a story to share. Your story should be about how you learned to love yourself and what it truly means to cherish yourself. Interested? Contact me!

Do you want a copy of the book? It’s available on Amazon! Grab your copy using the link below.

She Loved Herself Book

Pictures from our book launch at Five Sisters in Miami


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