Human Design Projectors Need Rest!

by | Aug 3, 2022

Here’s a Secret Human Design Projectors need a TON of rest!

Over the past few years I have been immersing myself in the teachings of Human Design (including learning about Human Design Projectors) and I find the topic to be fascinating! When I learned that I was a Human Design Generator back in 2020, it totally changed my life and the way that I approach my energy, my business, my clients, my family and indeed the world!

It turns out that as I navigated Human Design, I found that a lot of my clients are Projectors. Indeed even my own daughter, Mishka is a projector. So I started to investigate (because I am a 1/3 profile: Investigator/Martyr) every single thing I could about the projectors! And this is what I found…

Human Design Projectors Are Highly Sensitive

Human Design Projectors make up about 20% of the population, and they are here to guide the energy. Projectors are highly sensitive people, and it’s almost as if they can see directly into your soul. They see people more deeply than most and have a high level of intuition. For this and other reasons, projectors need time to rest and recalibrate. Here are the 3 main reasons why projectors need more rest: 

Projectors Have an Open Sacral Chakra 

Projectors move through life on borrowed energy. The Sacral chakra, which is the point from which life-force energy flows, is open (undefined) in Human Design Projectors. For this reason, projectors “borrow”, or absorb, the energy of the people around them. However, they can only rely on this borrowed energy for so long. Eventually, they must disconnect and give their bodies a chance to rest, recover, and recalibrate.

The Open Solar Plexus and Projectors

Most projectors also have an open Solar Plexus. This causes them to be highly sensitive and empathic. They absorb others’ emotions through the solar plexus, and when left unchecked, can often take on those emotions as if they belong to them. This open Solar Plexus is what allows most projectors to be highly intuitive and able to see deeply into a person’s true nature. It is imperative that Human Design projectors have a lot of alone time to rest and to clear their energy fields from this absorbed emotional energy.

Projector Energy Comes in Small Bursts

For Human Design Projectors, energy comes in small bursts, particularly when they are around Generators or Manifesting Generators. For this reason, projectors are not meant to work traditional jobs where they are expected to be “on” for 8-10 continuous hours. Projectors need frequent breaks to rest and play. It has been recommended that Projectors only work about 4-5 hours per day. When left unchecked, Projectors may begin to believe that their borrowed energy belongs to them. This can lead to the Projector over-working themselves and eventually burning out.

The Deconditioning Process

As important as rest is for Projectors, most of them aren’t getting enough of it. Our society is built largely for and by Generators, since Generators make up over 70% of the population. Due to the programming and conditioning of a society built for Generators, Projectors often feel guilt and shame around their need for rest and play. They’ve been told that it’s lazy to rest, and that they have to work hard every day in order to be successful. They must decondition in order to honor their unique design type and strategy. This is crucial for the Human Design Projector in order to experience their signature, which is success.

Are You a Projector?

If you are a Human Design Projector, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself as you decondition yourself from society’s programming:

  1. What does rest mean to me? (Hint: Rest does not always mean sleeping). There are many ways a Projector can reset and restore their energy.
  2. What makes me feel truly rested?
  3. How can I honor this need for rest, even if I’m working in a traditional job?
  4. Over the years what have I learned about pausing, stopping, breathing, or relaxing?
  5. When I go to bed, how can I amp up my bedtime routine to truly honor my rest?

Let’s Work Together

The reason I work so well with Human Design Projectors is because Generators and Projectors are the match made in heaven! The combination of a defined sacral chakra (for the Generator) and the open solar plexus of the Projector helps to get the energy going. Most of all I help the Projector to honor rest and slow down in order to create. Here are the exact ways I work with Human Design Projectors as a spiritual coach and creativity mentor:

  • I invite the Projector to slow down (waiting for the invitation).
  • I help the Projector play and find simple pleasures.
  • I distract the Projector from Hyper Masculine tendencies (like overworking, burnout, hustle).
  • I remind the Projector of their soulfulness, their divinity, their sovereignty.

Are you a Human Design Projector and want to work with me? Book a call! 




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