5 Things I’m Releasing for the Full Moon in Sagittarius

by | Jun 2, 2015


Tonight marks the full moon in Sagittarius – a time for releasing, allowing, and feeling. They call this moon the Strawberry Moon.

I have to admit, I have a love-hate relationship with full moon. While some of them can be very invigorating and set my creativity on fire (think full moon in Aries), others can make me an emotional wreck and play havoc on my senses making me feel like I’ve lost my mind (think full moon in Pisces).

Thankfully, so far this full moon seems to be sparking a surge of creative energy, flowing energy, and gracefulness that is making me look at the bigger picture of it all. Big questions are arising like:

Who am I? What do I want? How do I feel? Where am I going?

As Depali Desai says in her “Celestial Space Astrology” we should harness this big picture energy:

A healthy way to work with this energy is to allow for time away from pressures of figuring things out and simply be in stillness.

One way of working with this handful of diverse symbolism is allowing yourself to dissolve the tension within the mind is through, art, rest or sleep, poetry, healing, meditation or being out in Nature to gain a different perspective…”

So in the spirit of releasing, letting go, and just being, I have come up with a list of five things I will be releasing for the full moon in Sagittarius:

1. Releasing My Expectations

One of the biggest reasons for disappointment in my life is my reliance on expectation. I used to be the kind of girl who would always plan her every weekend. If my weekend wasn’t planned, I felt like I was a loser or I was boring or I had nothing to do with my life. It got to the point where every weekend was booked. I found myself giving and giving and giving and forgetting to do simple things to give back to myself. Things that I enjoyed.

And so this full moon I affirm:

“I release my expectations. I allow the universe to unfold as I gaze upon it with amazement and wonder. I do not make plans. I let the plans come to me.”

2. Releasing My Self Judgement

We all judge ourselves from time to time. I find that my self judgement lies in my feelings of unworthiness. My writing is unworthy, my words are unworthy, my creativity is unworthy. If I am criticized I take it as a direct confirmation of how unworthy I am. But the truth is, why do I judge myself so harshly? I don’t judge others in such a fashion. In fact, I preach about this. I tell everyone not to feel unworthy and yet I still battle with my own inner demons.

And so this full moon I affirm:

“I am enough. I release old, negative patterns of judging myself. I know that my creativity is linked to the divine and therefore it can never be ‘not good enough.’ I accept my art, my body, my mind, and my spirit exactly as they are and as beautiful parts of my being.”

3. Releasing My Addictions

This morning in my meditations I realized my addictions to the digital world. I am addicted to checking social media, addicted to gaining approval from others through social media, addicted to planning and controlling and having everything go my way. But sometimes when I separate from the digital sphere, I feel myself enter a much more beautiful sphere…my own realm. And sometimes when I let go of things going my way, things actually go a better way!

And so this full moon I affirm:

“I release my addictions. I let go of things that distract me from centering and grounding. I know that things will unfold the way they will unfold and no amount of my control will change that. I find bliss in silence and mindfulness, I separate myself from the noise of the world.”

4. Releasing My Emotions

I’m an emotional person but sometimes I let those emotions get hidden. I stuff them down and do not acknowledge how I am feeling and then they rise up again all at once, causing a tornado of emotions. Bottled up emotions is what they call it. I’ve been doing it since I was a child and though I am much better now, I am not 100% there yet.

And so this full moon I affirm:

“I release my emotions. I know it is safe for me to express truly how I feel. I do not let people judge me for expressing myself. I will always speak my truth.”

5. Releasing My Ego

Ah ego. The one that is so hard to give up. We all struggle with this one. Ego is the “I am, I want, I think…” and when we begin to realize that the I is part of a much bigger whole, we find that the I is dissolved. This month has been a great learning lesson for me as I have seen that I am part of this bigger whole- the universe, the divine, the creator. When I release my attachments to my identity, it is easier for me to flow as a universal being not as a “Suki.” Still this one is a struggle for me as everything I have done up to this point is linked to who I am as an individual.

And so this full moon I affirm:

“I am releasing my ego. In this state I allow the universal energy to flow within me, letting ancient wisdom and powerful energy recharge my soul. I know it is not about me but about being of service.”

The full moon rises tonight in Sagittarius.

What will you release? What are your intentions?


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