5 Ways to Start Your Day Right

by | Apr 8, 2014

Sometimes the first few minutes of the day is the only chance you have to be totally still and alone.

In the past, my morning routine would go a little bit like this:

  • Hit the snooze button.
  • Hit the snooze button.
  • Hit the snooze button.
  • Look at the clock.
  • Freak out.
  • Roll out of bed.
  • Jump in the shower.
  • Brush teeth while in the shower to hurry things up.
  • Throw on clothes.
  • Rush to car.
  • Drive like a maniac.
  • Do make up while driving like a maniac.
  • Arrive at work.
  • Finally breathe.

If this sounds like your morning, then you know the stress of it.

When you wake up and start your day with chaos, you are inviting chaos to come and live with you for the rest of the day. If every morning begins like this, then every morning is stressful, every day is stressful, and every night is a few short hours of escape from the stress-usually spent sleeping because you are exhausted.

Don’t do this to your body and mind!

Change Your Routine

To be honest, I probably would have continued on this crazy path had it not been for one little change: getting a dog.

Lola was a God sent because she took me from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one. I never understand people that get a dog and never walk it. That’s like keeping a dog in a high class prison. It’s not good for them, but it’s also not good for you.

1546411_10101466234431354_1943312844_nFrom the minute this crazy fur ball entered my life, I started noticing myself feeling healthier. And less stressed. What was the correlation?

It was the morning walks.

Without knowing it, Lola had forced me to not only go on a morning walk – something I would have NEVER done without a dog. But she also forced me to get out of bed earlier – again something I would have NEVER done without a dog.

While the walks seemed torturous at first (walking around the neighborhood with my PJs on and sleep in my eyes), they have transformed into something I actually look forward to every morning. In that quiet time in the morning, listening to the wind in the trees or the birds singing their morning tune, I have a few moments to decompress before going about my day.

Because I wake up earlier, I am not rushing around to get out the door. I feel like I have time to sit and enjoy a cup of tea now. Or read the morning news, or just sit and…be.

If you start your day with stress, here are some helpful tips to get you starting your day right:

1. Set your alarm an hour earlier than you SHOULD wake up. 

This means if you have to leave at 8, you must get up by 7. Set your alarm for 6. You can hit snooze up to three times but then you have to get up.

2. Try breakfast. 

Stressing every morning? Try to make time for breakfast. Sit at the table like a civilized adult. Relax and eat your breakfast and feel your worries melt away.

3. Meditate.

While still in bed, or after you wake up, sit or lay in a comfortable position and clear your mind. Think positive thoughts. Fill your mind and your heart with good intentions. Set an intention for your day. Example, “Today I will not let other people affect my mood.” Simple statements like that repeated in the morning and throughout the day can make a big impact on your day.

4. Go on a walk. 

Start small. Go on a very short one, just around the block. While you are out, breathe in the fresh air. Say hello to your neighbors. Breathe, listen, and be.

5. Do one thing just for you. 

I like to watch something silly on YouTube or read a positive quote or just drink a cup of tea or coffee. You spend the whole day worrying about everyone else: your boss, your kids, your spouse, your friends, your coworkers, why not just do something for you in the morning.

It’s the only time of day to just be quiet and listen to yourself.

Make the most of it!





Main image credit: https://flic.kr/p/9EWGb2

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  1. Millie

    Loved it ! I have 2 dogs and we definitely enjoy our walks….getting out in the “green”
    is the best free everyday cure to whatever is on your mind.


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