Don’t Die with Your Music Still Inside: An Ode to Wayne Dyer

by | Sep 1, 2015

Suki EleuterioA year ago in April 2014 I attended a Hay House conference that was the beginning of a whirlwind of change in my life. I had just lost my job, I was wondering where my next pay check would come from, and I was questioning if I was really on the right path. If I worked hard, was always on time, bent over backwards for my colleagues and still didn’t have anything to show for it, why did I always end up being let go? Why did I always end up back at square one, no matter how hard I tried?

As I walked into the conference, aptly named “I Can Do It,” I honestly thought about the millions of ways I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t keep a job, I was gaining weight, I was sour and uninspired. The negativity floated in my mind as I tried to find a seat. When I finally found one I was surrounded by buzzing and beaming women, smiling from ear to ear all carrying books by their favorite Hay House authors: Doreen Virtue, Louis Hay, Brian Weiss, Wayne Dyer, Christine Northrup, or Kriss Carr. Their excitement could be felt bouncing off the walls. I felt my fears and concerns melting away.

This is what I needed. This is where I needed to be.

As the conference commenced I was wrapped up by the beautiful and empowering speeches given by each Hay House author. But one particularly pulled at my heart strings.

His name was Dr. Wayne Dyer.

And though I had read his quotes, heard so much about him from friends, and even watched a TV special on him, I had never experienced what it felt to sit in the presence of this man.

His presence left the room in silence. His words were so powerful and divine as if he was just a pure, clear channel from God.

He told stories and took us on journeys. He made us think about our destiny, our soul, our purpose. And when he uttered the words, “Don’t die with your music still inside,” I felt the rush of emotions sweep over me. I was lost in salty tears.

Because all those years working in corporate jobs that didn’t suit me. All those years working so hard and getting no results. All those years telling myself that my creativity didn’t matter, that all that mattered was making money to survive…all of that was coming up.

Those jobs were just distracting me from living my true purpose. My feelings of self worth were non existent. I had made myself into a robot, I had tried so hard to fit the cookie cutter form – to live the life I was told I needed to live by society’s standards, and all the while I was letting the music inside me slowly die.

You see..

I am a poet, a writer, a dancer, a yoga teacher, a creative motivator, a teacher, a listener, a lightworker, a spiritual coach, a Shaman, an artist, a devotee, and a leader.

I just didn’t know that yet. In fact, there’s still times today when I don’t truly know it.

But I can see clearly now the reason I was called to go to that conference. I can see why I saved all my birthday money, scrimped and saved, pulling money together from all over to make it to that conference. Something very strong was pulling me to be there.

The messages from that day and the next day inspired me to begin on the life path that had been waiting to serve me for many years. It encouraged me to start being who I TRULY was and stop being someone I was not.

I CAN Do It.

And I owe a great deal of gratitude to the man with the LOVE t-shirt on who started the rumblings in my heart. Dr. Wayne Dyer. A powerhouse spirit. The kind of man you don’t come across very often in life.

It was an honor to hear him speak.

And I went out and bought all of his books.

He will be very much missed. But I know he has much to do in the other realms. Lots of work to continue with other people and other souls. And like his daughter says, he never left. He’s just “in the other room.”



  1. Marie Moecia

    Good day, Suki,
    Thank you for your inspiring story I just read from your blog about Wayne Dyer (God rest his soul!). One day I will also attend one of those Hayhouse tours. I love Doreen Virtue and all she has written about the Angels in our lives!
    I think it’s great that you are taking your own body into consideration and resting now until baby Guru is born. God bless you & Rob on your first child to come into this world. Will send you Laughter, Life, Light & Love along with prayers and the REIKI you & I have in common. (Suki, if you are not one yet, you are perfect to be a REIKI MASTER!)
    Keep those emails coming!
    Sincerely, Marie Moecia (sounds like MO-SEE-YA)


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