Goodbye East End, Hello Sublime

by | Mar 3, 2010

So last night was the last night for the East End Cafe, a hole in the wall bar in downtown Newark. And yes the bar was a hole in the wall, a little dive-ish, not the place to go on a first date but you know what? It had some je ne sais quoi. It had character. I remember when real bands used to play at the East End. Like good bands, nationally known bands. Rob introduced me to Schleigho at the East End, and we still enjoy listening to some Scheligho today.

East End was the bar I went to on my 21st birthday. I decided to order shots of Hennesy. Oh boy. What is it about ordering your first drink at a bar? You always think you have to go ultimate hard, like you have to show that you have been drinking for years even though the bar tender can barely see you sitting on the stool. Even though everyone in the bar knows you are the youngest person there.

Shots of Hennesy. Ugggh. The memories.

Needless to say I passed out…on the bar.

But I digress…

East End. Farewell East End, long live your dive bar, hippie dancing, cheap drink memories. It was good times son. Very good times.

It was shame when they stopped bringing national bands to the East End.

Then it turned into townie night every night. Open mic crap and fake ass hipsters. Things changed.

Newark has changed.

Rob said last night that this was the official death of Newark. RIP Newark. No more places for live music. Well I guess there is always Homegrown. But I do agree things are changing. And years from now when we have long since moved on we will come back to Newark and ask the hipster kids with their ruffled hair and overly done make up and bright neon tights about East End or the Stone Balloon or the Ground Floor (remember that?) and they will say “Huh? What’s that? Is that like a new band or something?”

But on a lighter note….

Sublime has reunited! Obviously Bradley has not resurrected or anything (we wish) but they have a new singer named Rome. He is really good! He also plays a mean guitar.

Maybe music is not dead.

Sublime with Rome, that is their new name. They are going on tour and guess what? I bought tickets this morning. Why? Cuz I rock…so hard.

But yeah May 5 @ the Electric Factory.

Very excited to see Bud and Eric, and I’m not gonna hate on Rome because he knows he is not  Bradley, he is just helping to get the group back touring again.

I’ll let you know how they are.


Check out Sublime with Rome live at the Cypris Hill concert 2009

Buy tickets:


  1. Suede

    oh, Hennesy…makes me think of Prom.

    • sookton

      Lol Hen and coke baby, hen and coooke


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