Mishka’s Newborn Pictures

by | Nov 5, 2015


Eight days postpartum and I walked bleary-eyed into the living room with a tiny baby tucked under my arm.

Looking in the mirror I couldn’t believe that A. I was a mom. B. I had a tiny human in my arms. And C. I was about to take newborn pictures with this tiny human. Wow, I looked like hell. Better go freshen up.

I placed her carefully in her bassinet and headed to the bathroom to make myself pretty before the photographer arrived. I hadn’t brushed my teeth in three days!

I still remember planning these newborn pictures with my friend Ally, a photographer and graphic designer, several weeks ago. Back then, meeting at a Starbucks with a belly the size of a basketball, the idea of even having a newborn was so far away for me. We talked about outfits and poses and all the little necessities. I still remember the feeling of Mishka kicking inside me. To this day I still miss that feeling. Or her little hiccups down by my belly button.

Now eight days after she was born I was holding her as she hiccuped into my arms. It was beautiful and surreal.

Once Ally arrived, I breastfed her to get her calm and relaxed before the shoot. Mishka loves her milk because that was all it took! She snoozed through the entire photoshoot, giving us the most peaceful and blissful looks.

Thank you Ally Gray Designs for the beautiful pictures! These are captured memories with my little one that I will always cherish and keep close to my heart. 12106708_10102573390960794_6344381284927277743_nIMG_3256

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