Natural Baby Teething Remedies & Elephant Shoe Teething Co

by | Jun 21, 2016


She started teething early.

While some babies can go almost a full year without their two front teeth, my angel got her first two chompers by 5 months of age. Like a little, cutie hamster. Mishka loves her food and so I like to think God made sure she got those teeth early so she can explore new delicacies.

But while the first two teeth can be exciting, between the constant comfort feedings (my poor breasts), the fussy sleepless nights (my poor husband) and the crying out in pain (my poor baby), we were all miserable and covered in drool. I was looking for any solution so I began doing what I do best…Googling.
That’s when I came across the Elephant Shoe Teething Company on Instagram. They sell the cutest teething products at great price. At this point Mishka was chewing on anything she could get her hands on. I was so ecstatic when their package came in the mail.

We ordered the Scandi teething necklace made of 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly silicone beads and natural wood. We also decided on theĀ  Crochet teether as it’s one of their more popular products and a bibdana (baby bandana + bib) because…well, the drool.
Mishka immediately loved the Scandi. She could sit on me forever just chewing and sucking on those beads. The bibdana was super soft and comfy on Mishka. I love the color.

Mishka2The crochet teether is totally unique and we always get questions of where we got it. The texture keeps her entertained and gums happy.

We are teething happy campers! Thanks Elephant Shoe Teething Co.

If your little one is teething, here are some natural remedies:

1. A cold washcloth or muslin blanket
2. Massaging the gums with a clean finger
3. Natural vanilla extract applied to the gum
4. Frozen breastmilk
5. Frozen fruit in a mesh teether

Good luck mommies! Teething can be tough but you can get through it.


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