Product Review: Sugar Plum Lane Baby

by | May 19, 2016

Sugar Plum Lane Baby

Namaste Baby…

That’s what a couple of my good friends called Mishka when she was still a little wee one in the womb. So you know I couldn’t resist going out and buying her some namaste clothes. She’s my baby yogini after all.

I was so excited when I saw that Sugar Plum Baby was having a sale on their cute-tastic fox leggings. I bought them for her this weekend.

On Monday a little parcel arrived, I was super impressed with the speed of delivery!

The pants are soft, comfy and long. That means Mishka can fit them for a long time. Here’s my little baby model – my Namaste baby – showing them off. The hat is from Shop 11th and Mulberry and the onsie is from Grizzly Love.

sugarplumlane sugarplumlane2


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