How to Use Crystals for Your Business

by | May 2, 2022

Did you know that crystals can be used to enhance all areas of your life, including your business?

I’m not going to lie. I am a bit of a crystal junkie. You might find crystals in every part of my home. The other day I found a crystal in my bra. Sometimes I find crystals in my car. The truth is, there is so much beautiful energy you can harness when you know how to use crystals the right way. I’m here to show you how.

Setting intentions with your crystals and using them in specific areas of your life can bring about great change.I’m going to outline how you can use crystals to activate the soul of your business and let you know which ones are the most powerful. I’m also sharing about how to care for your crystals so they will be most effective.

The History of Crystals

If you look through history, you will find crystals have been there all along; they have been carried as talismans, adorned in jewelry, used in ceremonies for healing and activated in shamanic healing.

In fact, crystals have even been found in ancient tombs in Egypt, especially the Egyptian kings, and to this day crystals are used in a number of ways, particularly for healing or in ceremony.

How to Choose the Right Crystal

Each crystal has a distinct healing property and meaning, so finding the right one for you and your needs is very important but remember, the right crystal will always come along when you need it most.

When you are purchasing crystals, you can read about the unique qualities of each one. Most importantly however, is to see which crystals you are naturally drawn to. Don’t overthink it. You can also hold the crystal in your hand for a few moments and see how its energy resonates with yours.

Cleaning Your Crystals

Crystals need to be looked after with such care and love, so be sure to keep them safe and away from harsh light. You can also set your intentions when working with them. “What do I want to learn from this crystal?”

Once this has been achieved, the crystal needs to be cleared because it has absorbed energy from different sources. Once this has done it will be back to zero, back to its natural state and you can start working with it. Cleansing can be done using a plate made from kosher salt.

Charging Your Crystals

Using your crystal in your daily life is the best way to build a relationship with your crystal and helps you to really start to feel its energy. Crystals need to be charged in order to perform at their highest energies. Full moons are my favorite time to charge my crystals and I love having the routine of doing it.

I take my crystals outside and let them sit under the moon. In the morning, you can collect them again and take them inside. You are able to charge some crystals via the sunlight but they are more likely to fade due to the harshness of the light, so be careful when doing this.

Crystals For Your Business

There are 5 crystals you can use to activate the SOUL of your business: Clear Quartz, Opalite, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, and Rose Quartz. There are many more crystals you can bring into your home or office, each having multiple benefits of its own. Don’t be surprised if you quickly develop a desire for more and more crystals.

Clear Quartz

crystals to activate the soul of your business

Known for removing obstacles, bringing you clarity and higher vision, and helping you step into quantum energy, clear quartz is the king of crystals.

Clear quartz is “an amazing amplifying stone, meaning that whatever you pour into it, will pour out tenfold. The clarity of its many faces can spark memory, hone concentration, and bring your whole being back to balance.”

Use clear quartz for your business if you need to:

  • Amplify Clarity and Focus
  • Enhance Concentration and Memory
  • Draws Off Negative Energy of All Kinds
  • Clear Out Emotional Blocks



Helpful in fostering creativity and keeping you in flow, Opalite is amazing in connecting you with cosmic galaxies and infinite possibilities of creation.

Turn to Opalite in your business when you are:

  • Feeling creatively blocked
  • Want to connect to your deeper spiritual essence
  • Desire more spark, more passion, more fireworks
  • Looking to get things moving



Brings magic into your life, helps you access your intuition, your inner consciousness, and opens your third eye. Amethyst is for the mystics, the lightworkers and the starseeds.

You know its time to turn to some amethyst for your business when:

  • You need to reduce stress
  • It’s time to manifest new clients
  • You want to clarify your third eye and higher vision
  • You need to rebrand your business 

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

Helps you release old thought patterns and beliefs, clears energy blocks, and helps transmute your energy and lift you to a higher frequency. A perfect full moon crystal, black tourmaline helps you remove what you need to remove and complete where you need to complete.

Black Tourmaline is the perfect crystal for your business when you:

  • Are stuck in the emotional blocks
  • Feel people aren’t wishing you well
  • Need a complete fresh new start

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

Helps open your heart chakra, aligns you with love, attracts your soul-mate clients to you. I love this romance crystal and in all honestly I probably have some rose quartz in every room in my house!

Turn to rose quartz for your business when you:

  • Want to infuse the love and remember the greater purpose
  • Desire to fall back in love with your vision
  • Are having difficult clients or difficult relationships
  • Looking to manifest soul mate clients 

Working With Your Crystals

No matter which crystals you choose, it is important to build a relationship with them. Lovingly use them and care for them, offer them gratitude, and ask for your guidance. Set intentions with each crystal and be sure to use them in your creative and spiritual practices.

You can hold a crystal while you meditate, or you can simply place them nearby while you are working. Many people carry crystals in their pockets or purses. However you choose to use them, you can’t go wrong as long as your crystals are loved and taken care of.




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