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by | Nov 29, 2010

This year I have decided I am going to only shop local for Christmas. Speaking to local vendors and searching through local crafts has been really entertaining and an eye opening experience. There are so many wonderful people out there, running amazing businesses and so often they go unnoticed. It is so great to speak to small mom and pop shops or Amish farmers and encourage them to “keep up the good work.” In order to build a sustainable world we really need to support our communities and one of the first ways is to become a Locavore.

3 Reasons to Shop Local

1. It’s Better for the Environment

Less trucks + less planes = less gas and less gas = cleaner skies, cleaner Earth.

2. Love Thy Neighbor

If we band together as a community and encourage the businesses around us, we can look after each other, keep our jobs and circulate money to our own economy. When big companies come into town they weasel out the small mom and pop stores and replace them with low paying, labor intensive jobs that rely on foreign employees and foreign funds.

3. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Small shops are a great place to find some wonderful one-of-a-kind finds. Also, shopping local farmers markets is a great way to find some yummy, delicious treats.

I thought I would share some of my favorite vendors, websites and resources for the locavore in all of us. Check it out:


There are wonderful local handmade, vintage crafts to be found on What’s more is that you can search by local vendors and therefore buy items from nearby. Here are just a few examples of the awesomeness that is

Delaware and Tri-State Local Vendors

I bumped into such great vendors in the tri-state area! Here are just a few:

Pip Artwork

Power In Positives (or PIP Artwork) was “created by the primary artist, Christine Eckery, in the aftermath of her recovery from breast cancer.” She says, “During that time, my world had been turned upside-down.  Yet, I felt emboldened by the powerful yet peaceful beauty of nature, particularly, flowers.” Through these photographs and digitally enhanced photos Christine found her inner strength. Speaking to Christine and her son was incredibly inspirational.

Lites Made 4 U

Seriously- forget Bath & Bodyworks these candles are so yummy you want to eat them! They are all made with soy (although she does sell some wax) and come in delicious flavors like Baby Powder, Sugar Cookies, Mango, Love Spell, Coconut Banana Blast and Juicy Pineapple.

Deerfish Head and Other Brews

Looking to scoop up a bottle of wine or some brews for the holiday party? Don’t forget to stop by your local brewery or vineyard! In an around Delaware you can choose from some great beers and wines including:

Dogfish Head

Twin Lakes


Paradocx Vineyard

Chaddsford Vineyard




Cupcakes And Other Treats

I love cupcakes and we are lucky in Delaware to have such a great variety of wonderful local bakeries to choose from. Here are just a few:

SAS Cupcakes in Newark

Wonderful designs, delicious flavors, rich enough to fill you up for the day!

Cupcake Heaven in Wilmington

You can special order vegan, gluten free or sugar free cupcakes. 120 flavors to choose from!

Cake Break in Rehoboth Beach

Breakfast cupcakes, gourmet cupcakes, a huge variety of flavors, colors and styles. Also available in vegan, gluten-free and nut-free.

Bing’s Bakery in Newark and Middletown

One of the longest running bakeries in Delaware they really have anything to help feed your sweet tooth. Super delicious!


And there are so many more local artists, farmers, craftsmen, mom and pop stores, restaurants and shops I could represent right now. But it is late and I am tired.But I hope you will all try to do some of your holiday shopping locally this year, because if we all gave a little bit back to our community, we could do so much more than just spend some money.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world,”- Gandhi.


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