Show Me Heaven

by | Mar 21, 2011

There are some moments you will remember all your life. This was one of those moments.

It was pouring rain, the lights were flickering and flashes of lightning illuminated the sky. I was upstairs in the television room watching Top of the Pops. I remember the song distinctly as it was crackling out the old, wooden television. Swaying with the music I turned the volume knob up and sang along. It was Show My Heaven by Maria Mckee.

That was the first day I experienced loss.

Downstairs my parents had arrived home from the vet. I rushed down to greet Trisha, my beloved Doberman but was surprised when she didn’t trot through the door. Instead my parents walked in alone. My mothers eyes red with tears, my father solemn, speechless.

Something was wrong.

Before I found the words my mother spoke:

“Sweetheart, we had to…it wasn’t easy, she was suffering.”

I couldn’t comprehend. I was shaking my head. My heart was filled with shock, pain, anger.

And the song kept playing, the words piercing my soul.

“Show me heaven, cover me. Leave me breathless.”



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