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“When you are going through the darkness, remember there is always a light. Let me be your guide.”  – Suki Eleuterio

I remember the morning I woke up and realized I was a healer. It was after another job loss, another failed attempt at the corporate world. At the time I had just gone through a transformation: I had received my Reiki I attunement to become an energy healer. The experience had left me in complete awe at the natural world. It seems animals, babies, and people were all being attracted to me and seeking me out.

That day I was walking around the park with my dog when I saw a big commotion. As I approached there were a lot of people gathered around shouting and yelling. When I got closer I saw there was a girl on the ground so I ran over to them. “She’s having a seizure,” yelled one of the girls and I immediately sat down next to the girl and put my hands near her head. I told everyone to remain quiet and peaceful and slowly the girl stopped shaking and looked up at me. I could feel how her head was filled with heat, it was as if I could feel her neurons over firing.

That day I knew I was a healer.

So now I have stepped into my role. I have aligned with my true purpose. And I am ready to help you do the same.

  • Do you feel STUCK? Chained? Helpless?
  • Are you seeking HAPPINESS?
  • Feel like you are made for something GREATER than this?
  • Do you have a BLOCK when it comes to love? Money? Career growth?
  • Do you wish you had more of a CONNECTION to your soul?
  • Want to start living according to your SOUL PURPOSE?

Let me help you, let me heal you, let me be your guide.

The truth is, you know the answers. You’ve always known the answers my friend. I am simply here to nudge and guide and trigger something in you that will cause you to WAKE UP. You see we sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep ~ deep dreams ~ but we don’t wake up sometimes. And we start to believe the illusions in front of us.

That you are meant to be miserable in a 9 to 5 job that you hate. That you are meant to put up with abuse in order to pay the bills or look good in society’s eyes. That you were supposed to suffer and suffer and suffer and live a life of pain.

No! You can break the chain.

You can live a life of abundance and happiness and love.

img_6469-3What do you get with a Four-Week Plan?

Sign up now and change your life. Here’s what you get with a four-week plan of Spiritual Life Coaching with Suki:

  • Initial Assessment & Soul Chat (30 minutes) in person or Skype
  • A Life Changing Game Plan
  • 3 Phone Calls a Week (to check in)
  • A Window Into Your Blocks and Your Strengths
  • Activities and Practical Action Steps to Bring Joy, Abundance, and Love Into Your Life
  • E-books, Guides & Discounts

What do you get with an Eight-Week Plan?

Here we dig a little deeper. Spirituality is about going to the places that might hurt because there is where you find the answers. Here’s what you get with an eight-week plan of Spiritual Coaching with Suki:

    • Initial Assessment & Soul Chat (30 minutes) in person or Skype
    • A Life Changing Game Plan
    • 4 Phone Calls a Week & Unlimited Email Communication
    • A Full Assessment of the Blocks & Steps to Bring Joy, Abundance, and Love Into Your Life
    • Spiritual Practices & Ancient Healing Techniques
    • One on One Spiritual Healing and Cleansing
    • Links & Resources to Other Healers for Additional Healing (if needed)
    • E-books, Guides & Discounts

Pick your plan