Thank You Mr. President…

by | Feb 21, 2011

For this day off. I literally spent the entire day in my PJ’s and I loved it.

It was a busy, busy weekend. I don’t think I got more than 5 hours of sleep each night. So today was a welcome rest.

I also filled out my taxes today. Getting money AND lounging in bed? Yeah, it was a pretty baller day.

Yesterday was my best friend Erin’s Bridal Shower. It was a very great day filled with cupcakes, presents, wine, laughter, friendship and fun. Most of all it recognized a lady who does so much for others but doesn’t get the recognition she deserves herself: Erin.

Also from this event I realized three things:

A. Planning events is most rewarding when you see people smiling

B. Weddings are crazy stressful for all those immediately involved

and C. I love weddings!

Here comes the bride.

Yes, I admit it, I am a super softy for weddings. They are as addicting as trashy romance novels, Lifetime movies or another sappy episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I love weddings like I love chocolate cake (or wedding cake, if you will).

My favorite part is when the bride walks down the aisle. I love looking at her face as she looks at her husband to be. And then I quickly look over to him to see what he looks like too. That moment, that instant right there when they catch each others eye, that is the most beautiful moment of all.

I’ve been to my fair share of weddings and to this day that moment is the total trump card.

Le sigh. I hope one day to have that moment with my boo. But until then I will enjoy lying in bed here with him in my PJ’s, nibbling on snacks, watching TV without a care in the world.

“You were like coming up for fresh air. It’s like I was drowning and you saved me. It’s all I know.” – Grey’s Anatomy.


  1. Erin

    Awww, thanks for throwing such an amazing party! I was totally happy with everything! You were the best possible person for the job and you did it better than I ever could have hoped for.

    Also, it took me years to remember that you don’t like chocolate cake. Now you are telling me that you LOVE it? WTF? I guess your tastes have changed.

    • sookton

      Glad you liked it! My tastes HAVE changed. I used to only like vanilla cake and frosting. Now I like chocolate and vanilla equally.


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