The 30 Day Yogi Challenge

by | Jun 22, 2011

No I don’t mean stealing picnic baskets (read: pick-a-nick baskets), I mean doing yoga. I mean thinking like a yogi. Clearing my mind, focusing on the right things, learning about my body.

A year ago my yoga instructor said to me, “just do it everyday.”

My immediate response (in my head): “yeah right that’s impossible!”

My real response (not in my head): “that’s a good idea!”

She could tell I wasn’t convinced. Yogis know. So she said, “seriously, even just for 10 minutes a day. Do it everyday!”

I ignored her suggestion. Instead I did yoga sporadically whenever I felt like it.

But here I sit a year later realizing that maybe this Is something I can do! Why not give it a try?

So I have decided to do the 30 day yogi challenge. For 30 days I will do yoga and see how it helps me: mind, body, spirit.


Day one was yesterday. We have yoga at work on Tuesday and Thursday. Elizabeth gave me some great pointers.

She encouraged me on my 30 day challenge saying, “all you need is space and a mat, and if you have a carpet you don’t even need a mat. So no excuses!”

So right.

Today is day 2. I have noticed a few things on day 2:

– I’m still sore from yesterday
– My balance is off
– Rob watching me doing yoga can be a little distracting
– My mind wonders, need to focus
– I feel completely relaxed now

I will periodically check in over the month to let you know my progress, upload tips, videos and tid bits on yoga.

If you would like to join me comment below and we can do it together!

Sookton signing out.


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