The Goddess Within: A Talk with Deinah M. Khakasa

by | Mar 4, 2014

I met Deinah when we were both students in high school. On the dusty school yard in Nairobi, Kenya, we would often talk and laugh together. But unlike some of my other friends, we seemed to connect on a deeper, spiritual level. I always enjoy meeting people that seem to live on a higher plane, and Deinah is most definitely one of those people. She shares her insights with others and is on a mission to spread wisdom and light. Through her journey, she has discovered the link between spirituality and sexuality. 

This is her story.

Many Churches

“I have always been interested in spirituality ever since I was aware of my thoughts,” says Deinah. “Since a young age, I remember being curious about the supernatural and how human [beings] work, I used to ask myself, “why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Can i use my mind in other ways? Am I dreaming this life?” Because most of the time, this life always seemed so surreal to me. I always got in trouble because of my overactive imagination, but its something that only grew stronger with time.”

In time, Deinah found herself visiting many churches and spiritual centers on her quest for spiritual belonging. But none of them really fit. “None [of them] really resonated with my soul and individuality,” she explains. Instead, she learned lessons by herself, and grew into her own spiritual guide.

“My greatest lesson to date is I create reality through my choices,” she says. “I can either align myself to the Truth of who I am, or I can live through my own freewill against this truth and blame others, as society has taught us to.” She hopes that others will learn to live their Truths too, instead of living “unconsciously.”

Sexuality as Spiritual Portal

A topic of particular interest to Deinah is that of spirituality and sexuality. Somewhere along the line, our society began correlating sexuality with sin, and Deinah believes this disconnect is a fatal flaw.

“Source or God is the all manifested, so there is no difference between [femininity and God], femininity is another expression of Source as Goddess, another individuation, another experience in its own diversity,” she explains.

According to Sacred Sex and the Awakening of Your Soul by Amorah Quan Yin:

“Then the division of Oneness into two, birthed the first cosmic twins: Holy Mother and Holy Father.

Their first experience of each other was one of awe, wonder, and loving adoration. This impulsed them into a spontaneous blending into Oneness again, and was what you might think of as the first tantric/sexual union.”

But somewhere along the line, Deinah believes society took this ‘Oneness’ and converted it into something negative. “As it goes, when you relate to anything negatively or think of it as bad or a sin, then you will automatically not think of it as Godly or spiritual,” she says.

21254_10200716611031463_1468793225_n“Sexuality is a very powerful spiritual portal where the male and the female energies meet and become One and because of the negativity surrounding it, many are afraid to explore it further and have believed in an old way of thinking. [They] are running on ancestral imprints about its function and only relate to it as a portal of reproduction or physical pleasure, which is a distorted perception.”



This negative thought pattern can block us from being in touch with the Divine, says Deniah. “We also have been taught repeatedly that sexuality is bad through programmings either from our parents or the media, in order to be controlled and to keep us [from] seeking the freedom available through sexuality. The orgasm, in particular, connects you with a frequency of ecstasy, which connects you back to your Divine Source and information.”


Restoring the Original Sexual Blueprint


When Deinah discovered the real connection between sexuality and the Divine, she couldn’t believe how society had misappropriated the truth. “When I first found out the truth about sexuality, a few years back, I was ‘divinely pissed off,'” She says. “It meant I had to ‘take action’ in restoring sexuality’s original purpose in humanity. I have had many conversations on this topic, done intensive research, and had my mentor Sri Babaji Nagaraj, reaffirm this sacred portal, so a few weeks ago…I decided ‘it’s time to create a webinar.'”


So she created Restoring the Original Sexual Blueprint, a webinar featuring clearing and healing sessions in relation to sexuality. She says, “this is not just an imprint of one lifetime but thousands of lifetimes and this misuse and misappropriation is deeply embedded in our DNA.” In the webinar, she hopes to teach, “the original purpose of sex, especially the orgasm, why it was distorted in the first place, how to use this portal of love to manifest and activate the dormant DNA strands and attract Higher frequency beings or children.”


The webinar, which is free, will be held on Friday, March 7 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Click here to register.


Deinah hopes to continue sharing her experiences and helping others along their path. ”

I am on a mission here to help in grounding higher frequency light and love in order to assist in raising the frequency of the earth and humanity,” She says. “The more light and love is grounded, the more the people awaken to the truth about themselves. [This] creates ripples in the matrix and awakens others, so my vision is of people knowing the truth about their existence, living freely, unconditionally, consciously and in line with their soul’s mission.”


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About Deinah M. Khakasa:



Deinah is a spiritualist, blogger, and nutritionist. You can follow her through her websites, Evolutionary School of Bio-Energetic Consciousness and Return of The Goddess, or on Facebook Deinah Khakasa. She says, “I love to chat and I am always open to everyone.” Her quarterly E-zine, Natu-Raw Magazine is available for free.


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  1. Deinah

    Awesome, Thanks.

    • Sookton

      You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. Mike

    All I did was read Deinah’s status on Facebook about spirituality and Inboxed her to say I liked her line of thought.

    This became an instant connection and I thank Deinah for my ‘miraculous’ recovery from Asthma. She Inboxed me some codes and gave me instructions on how to get rid of Asthma from a quantum level.

    I’m forever grateful. She is my personal spiritual teacher though we have never met in the physical.

    Keep doing what you do, Deinah! 🙂

    • Sookton

      Thanks for sharing Mike. It’s amazing how much we can all learn from each other. I think of everyone- no matter how young or how old- as a spiritual teacher.

  3. MC Sharon

    Nice work Deinah…


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