The Life You Want to Live

by | May 14, 2013


I met an agronomist in a bar one night and he had given up his 9 to 5 to live on a boat for a year and sail around the world.

This man was incredibly intelligent.

He had built his business from scratch, a successful nationwide company selling environmental solutions and hydroponic. And after 35 years he decided enough was enough.

He was going to live the life he wanted to live.

My father spent most of my youth working for a corporate monstrosity as a graphic designer. He would pine away on product designs, working day and night and going in some weekends.
When we moved to the US he took up at a multinational company and worked tirelessly as a designer for them. He was given no retirement fund. He was generally treated like dirt.

He felt his creativity dying.

And so out of the blue, he announced to us he was becoming a truck driver.

“A truck driver??” I remember saying.

And I never understood why he would make such a transition.

But now I see. He loves the road. He loves the freedom.

He was living the life he wanted to live.

Now I find myself at those similar crossroads.

I am ready for my next step.

To live the life I was meant to live.

Will you?



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  1. Michael Trend

    Wow, you’re post is incredibly well-timed for my life right now. I am seriously considering starting a new venture in Real Estate Sales, and I had not fully committed to signing up for classes. After reading this I now know that I’m 100% percent sure. Thanks for giving me that extra 10% toward designing a life with more freedom.


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