The Only Thing To Fear is Fear Itself

by | Feb 26, 2010

Hello world.

My name is Suki and today, after much consideration, I decided to start a blog.

Over the years I have drifted from diaries to blogs to writing on scraps of paper, but I always seem to lose interest or feel the writer’s block hit me with full force. So I stop. Put down the pen. Shut down the site. Close the book. But this time I’m not going to. Because I have so much to say and I need to write it all down, to free it from the trappings of my mind.

I WILL write it down!

Today I was reminded of a line from one of my favorite movies, “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.” It’s from Strictly Ballroom, a 90’s movie about an underdog dancer who goes on to become a beautiful ballroom dancer.

But I realized today that my writer’s block is really just an excuse.

It’s a life lived in fear.

I don’t write because I fear I’m not good enough, I fear I don’t have anything important to say and I fear that I will be judged for my words.

Fear can hold us all back. We are scared to stand up for ourselves, scared to try and fail, scared to take a leap.

It’s time to CAST that fear away and learn to fly.

Because if you never try, you will never know.


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