These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

by | Jan 28, 2011

Hey, if Oprah can do it, I can do it.

Just a quick post to show you some of my favorite things:

1. African Inspired Purses and Bags

Clutch African Purse on Etsy

When I grew up in Kenya I was constantly around beautiful beaded jewelry, basket handbags, unique prints and patterns. It is only now, when I am older, that I can really appreciate their beauty. If you buy these African goods just make sure they are either locally made or fair trade- so that the people that spend their time making it get the money they deserve.

2. Sue Devitt Skincare

I friggin’ love this stuff! My skin has never felt healthy and it seems like it really glows (without any makeup!!) What’s more Sue Devitt uses natural ingredients and the stuff smells great! I usually get very dry skin over the winter but my skin has been fresh and smooth. Try them yourself (I recommend the purifying cleanser and the microquatic moisturizer.)

3. Sadie Nardini’s Free Yoga

Free yoga? Sign me up! I have been doing Sadie’s free YouTube yoga once or twice a week and let me tell you, I feel great! Sadie teaches vinyasa yoga and is a lifestyle instructor who has taught yoga for over 15 years. She is so full of energy and spirit. What I love about her yoga is that you really feel the difference. Two weeks of doing her yoga and I feel so alive! My body is looking great…but even better my mind is centered and clear.

From Sadie’s website

From Sadie’s website: “At an early age, Sadie was stricken with a mystery illness that caused disabling fatigue and muscle weakness for over a decade. Using the tools she now shares with her students, readers and viewers today, she worked her way back to total health when doctors thought it might be impossible.”

Try this workout for sleep, insomnia or meditation:

4. Clean Eating


Edamame salad

Every since being diagnosed with PCOS I have decided to get back to my roots. In Kenya we would eat fresh meals every day cooked from scratch. The American way is to douse it up with hormones, additives, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, soy bean filler, you name it. So I have decided to stop (or curb) eating the American way. Instead I am opting to eat more home cooked meals, organic produce, check the sugar content on the box, add more color to  my plate, and eat small meals every 3 or 4 hours.

The results? I feel amazing! My energy seems to be restored.

One of my favorite professors at UD once said, “Food is about life energy. The more it is frozen, altered or changed the less it resembles that life energy.” So since I can’t just walk up to trees and start eating their leaves I am doing the closest thing to it: I am eating Clean.

Check out some recipes for Clean Eating here: or here: The Gracious Pantry.

Also check out a new favorite of mine:

The PCOS Diva for some awesome tips.

5. Detective Stories

Whether it is the classic Film Noir Hollywood crime drama or the modern tale of the grizzly serial killer of serial killers (Dexter) I just can’t seem to stop my love for great suspense! I have been getting into the classics:

The Maltese Falcon

Sunset Blvd.

Double Indemnity

The Big Sleep

and more.

Film Noir

And I also have a love for the Neo-Noirs as they call them. My favorite among them:

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Blade Runner


China Town

Blue Velvet

Reservoir Dogs

The Usual Suspects

Also check out this video of 60 seconds of Dexter. It’s pretty funny:

And these, are just a few…of my favorite things.


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