What is a Wounded Healer?

by | Aug 23, 2017

This blog post about the wounded healer was entirely channeled to me by my Angels on August 23, 2017. It is infused with healing Reiki Angelic Energy. 

Do not fear the wound. Do not fear the darkness. Because it is from this wound, this dark, this mess, that you will rise. This is where the light enters. This is where you will learn your deepest lessons.

The term “Wounded Healer” was originally coined by Carl Jung, a well known Psychologist. In his research of the 12 personality archetypes, Jung found that the Wounded Healer was the type of person who seeks to help and heal others because there was an aspect of themselves that needed the healing too.

Many of us who walk the lightworker path, whether we are Earth Angels, or mystics, or healers, or yogis, have been through some form of healing ourselves. It is no coincidence that I work with clients who have been in car accidents, or suffer from multiple sclerosis, or have even been to the brink of death and back. The Wounded Healer has seen the darkness and so they are inspired and often lead to do the healing themselves. Perhaps a part of them also yearns for the healing. Perhaps they know that in giving the healing, they will feel some of the light too.

Wounded Healers often spend ALL their time giving unto others. They are selfless and pure. But what might come from good intentions (the desire to heal others, in fact the desire to heal the planet), can often lead to imbalance.

  • Are you an overgiver?
  • Do you spread yourself too thin?
  • Do you often have trouble with digestion or nourishment? Overeating or under eating?
  • Have you been through traumatic times and now using that pain to give healing?
  • Do you work in the healing realms – energy (Reiki) healing, massage therapist, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, life coach, wellness coach, healer?
  • Do you wish you had more time to RECEIVE?

If you answered any of these questions with a YES, please join my group of Wounded Healers. It’s free to join the Facebook group and our Healing Calls are $20 per session.

You DESERVE to spend time receiving. Sister, brother, please take time for you.

Join the Wounded Healers


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