Why You Should Never Be Scared Of Your Spirituality or Angels

by | Jun 10, 2016

Scared of spirituality

Did you know that at all times you are guided and watched over?

I didn’t. For the longest time I lived a life of fear, worrying what would happen next. When I was young I was constantly worried about “bad things” happening. I used to believe in “bad people” or get scared about witchcraft or black magic or dark forces.

What I knew about spirituality I learned from books and from religious texts. My notions of spirituality were shaped by TV shows or fictional characters. So I thought if I wanted a relationship with God it had to be in a church or a temple. I had to be scholarly. I had to read and learn and listen to the preachers.

Fears always arose when I felt like I “was off the path.” When I had fallen away from my faith. That’s when I would feel the darkness take over.

Fear of Spirituality

Are you scared of spirituality? Where does that come from? For me – it would come from my family telling “scary” tales of spirituality and my darkness.

Everyone has their darkness and my darkness was my anxiety. I would feel it like a heavy anchor I was carrying around with me. Dragging it from place to place. The fear of never knowing when another panic attack would strike was debilitating. And so I hid from it. I turned away from my spirituality and everything associated with it.

After all, I thought, any God that couldn’t help me overcome my anxiety wasn’t really that powerful of a God.

Fear of spirituality was really just fear of everyone and everything. It was really just me living in my fears. I lived this way for a very long time until one day when I was just tired of living that way.

And then as if by a miracle the light shone on the highest mountains and I saw it. I touched it. Or rather, it touched me – in my soul.

As the cliche saying goes, “I saw the light.”

When I looked at it differently I realized that my spirituality didn’t have to be dark or light. Things didn’t have to be good or bad. And that above all else I didn’t need to be in church or reading books to find God and my angels. They had been with me all along.

In so many times of my life I have seen miracles. I have witness humanity in its most beautiful and touching form. Like a man saving a baby bird in front of me. Or helping a homeless man have a warm meal on Thanksgiving morning. Or rescuing newborn baby possums from their dying mother’s womb and watching as they go on to live their lives.

I have seen light out of darkness. I have seen darkness teach me the most important lessons of all.

Finding My Self

If you are afraid of your spirituality – ask yourself “why am I afraid?” Most of the fears arise from things we have been taught about spirituality by others. The fear is not innate. Babies do not have fears. Babies only know love.

Society teaches us fear. Other people love to make us feel fearful. It’s easier to keep people SCARED because then you can CONTROL them. Ask yourself: Who wants you to be scared of spirituality? Who wants to keep you controlled?

Is it your family? Or is it yourself?

The divine is within you. You ARE the divine. So the only thing you are scared of is yourself. If you want to get to know your angels, if you want to become more spiritual, and if you want to have a relationship with your higher SELF, the only thing you need is…YOURSELF.

You don’t need a mountain or a church or a sacred retreat in India. In fact, you can go to all the retreats, you can climb all the mountains, you can go to every church in the world and if you don’t have a relationship with yourself, you will never find what you are seeking.

Love is the answer. The answer is loving yourself. Getting to know yourself. Stopping to ask yourself, “Who am I? What do I want?”

Anxiety – fear – is only really saying “I don’t know what the future holds.” And  “I don’t understand what happened to me in the past.”

And recently I have discovered that saying, “I don’t know the future. I can’t control it. I release the past. It no longer serve me. Please guide me. Please help me to heal” really helps.

Asking Angels

Each of us has a set of angels sent here to guide us and heal us on this path of life. They have been present with you from the day you were conceived and they will walk with you until you leave this realm. It doesn’t matter if you believe in them or not, they are there. It doesn’t matter if you never talk to them or acknowledge them, they are there.

At any time in your life you can ask your angels for guidance. You can have them show you the way in dreams or in meditation or through automatic writing.

Your angels want to assist you- they care! If you believe that you are being guided, you can reach out to them and ask them for help.


Realize that even in your darkest moments you were being guided. Those moments have taught you so much about who you are today.

In Buddhism it is said that the natural state of being for a human is suffering. Through our suffering we may find enlightenment by removing the illusion of permanence.

So why not stop living in the fear? Why not start living in the faith? Don’t be scared of spirituality.

There is nothing evil out there to “come and get you.” There are no monsters under your bed. But there is a brilliant, shining light inside of you and a group of angels walking beside you.

And that, my love, is pretty darn awesome.





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