20 Things Every New Mommy Needs Postpartum

by | Mar 30, 2016

20 Things Every Mommy Needs Postpartum

Well guys, I’ve officially made it 6 months postpartum! It’s hard to believe that Mishka – the little bundle of joy that I brought into the world – is now a whopping 17 pounds and eager to bounce all over the place.

Last night as I looked over the pictures of her first 6 months, it got me thinking about my own self care. My needs. As a mommy it becomes so easy to put everybody’s needs first.

>>>> Guilty as charged <<<<<

So I decided to create a list of real things that every new mommy needs postpartum. I wanted to share what I experienced in my six months postpartum and what things have really helped me. Here is my list:

  1. A sexy nursing bra (like this), because not everyone wants to feel like a granny while nursing their little one.
  2. A massage – I cannot even express how beautiful the first massage postpartum was. You don’t realize how much trauma your body goes through in labor.
  3. A night out with the girls – enough said.
  4. A daily dose of exercise – even if it’s as simple as going on a walk.
  5. A glorious (and I mean glorious) shower whenever you can get one.
  6. A sense of humor (yes you just got pooped on…again).
  7. Date night with the hubby – our first date night was to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It was so nice and so needed.
  8. A good supply of prenatal vitamins – keep taking them, especially if you’re breastfeeding.
  9. A trustworthy friend to talk to and a shoulder to cry on. It’s okay ladies. Being a new mom is rough sometimes and we all go through days when we just don’t want to deal.
  10. Easy go-to meals (freezer meals, crock pot meals, salads, or overnight oats)
  11. Some serious rest (whenever and wherever you get the chance)
  12. Netflix and…ice cream?
  13. A good book on baby development
  14. Nursing pads and coconut oil (or lanolin)
  15. Frequent reasons to get out of the house (go go get out, you’ll go crazy)
  16. Time for healing (labor and pregnancy do a number on your body)
  17. Lactation smoothies or lactation cookies
  18. Creative time (adult coloring books are great)
  19. A journal or a blog to write down your memories of this journey
  20. Birth control methods (unless you’re ready to do it all over again)

Want to see Mishkas as a newborn? Check out her newborn pictures.


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