The Journey Yoga + Hip-Hop at the W Fort Lauderdale

by | Apr 11, 2016

The Journey W Hotel Fort Lauderdale

Driving down A1A I took in the scene around me. The smell of the saltwater, the palm trees swaying in the breeze, the beautiful white sand. Simply lovely.

There’s something funny that happens to you when you become a true Floridian. You never go to the beach! That’s because you knows it’s always there. You get lazy. You don’t want to fight off the tourists.

As I arrived at the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale I was immediately greeted with an influx of these tourists – so many different languages and cultures. Along with the tourists was a wave of yoga enthusiasts- women with neon pants, hair sculpted into a messy bun, clutching colorful yoga mats. As I made my way in, I was excited and curious as to what I would find.

On the fourth floor I exited the elevator with the sound of hip hop music thumping through the room. The place was packed and there was lots of excitement in the air. A friendly yoga teacher from Green Monkey have me a VIP bracelet and led me to a perfect spot in the back of room right by the window. How beautiful to practice yoga while looking out at the waves hitting the shore.


Derek Waddy and Amy Dannhem from Green Monkey yoga led the yoga class as swirls of black light surrounded us. Doing yoga to hip hop music was so much fun!

I loved singing along to Gangster’s Paradise image2while in downward dog.

The instructors got us all working up a sweat but also left us wanting more. They connected us, encouraging us to touch the yogi to our right or left. Feeling part of the yoga community down here is so inspiring. There’s always someone pushing you on, encouraging you to succeed.

After class the VIP guests were treated to smoothies, tequila shots and snacks out on the deck overlooking the ocean. The humid Fort Lauderdale night felt like you were entering a beautiful sauna. It was great looking up at that cloudless sky.

I got to speak to Derek Waddy after class and he is an excellent yoga instructor filled with passion and energy.

All in all this was an amazing yoga event with lots of great people. The W Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful backdrop for yoga. Hip hop and yoga Is a great blend!

Can’t wait for the next yoga adventure at the W Fort Lauderdale!

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The Journey Yoga at W Hotel Fort Lauderdale Green Monkey


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