2015 Didn’t Go As Planned…

by | Dec 23, 2015

They say God laughs at your plans.

2015 has been a year of making and breaking plans. Nothing went according to plan but then everything went according to plan.
I had a plan to write a book and win a publishing contract with Hay House. I wrote the book but didn’t win the prize.

I had a plan to one day have a baby- like one day far in the future. Surprise, you’re pregnant!

I had a plan to teach more yoga on the side. Slow down on the yoga momma, you’re pregnant.

I had a plan to have a water birth with no drugs. Birth plan out the window, give me the epidural!

I had a plan to have my book published by a major publishing company. I took a different route and published the book myself.

Plans are made to be broken. Made to show us our need for control.
Life never goes as planned. So let’s enjoy the ride. All the twists and turns are what makes life worth living.

I’m so glad this year didn’t go as planned.

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