5 Must-Have Tips for Your Small Business

by | Feb 3, 2013

1. An Active Social Media Following

We live in a world where you can directly communicate with your customers…for free! What better way to find out how to better your business or what your current customers love about you?

Too often I hear small business owners say, “oh I never go on Twitter.” Why? It’s a great resource! If you are not actively on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and Foursquare you are really missing out.
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2. A Daily Visit to Inc. Magazine
If you haven’t wandered over to this brilliant spot on the web, you really, really need to. With daily inspiration, tips, and advice from the pros, Inc. magazine is like a small business bible!

3. A Stack of Awesome Business Cards
You won’t go anywhere fast unless you get out there in the community and get your business known. But make sure your business cards are awesome first.
Remember your business cards will speak for you when you can’t. They should be clear, well-designed, and fun.

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4. A Good Idea of Your Clientele
From my years of working in marketing and PR, I know one of the most important things to getting your business thriving is a good understanding of your customers.

Whether you are running analytics or just speaking to them face to face, make sure you have documentation of what your clients like, their age range, whether they are male or female, young or old. Keep this in mind with every promotion or selling point you have. Always think like the customer.

5. Network, Network, Network
Join you local chamber of commerce, sign up for LinkedIn, speak to people on the train, but whatever you do get out there!

The saying is really true about friends in high places, but even friends in not so high places can pull you up.

The more you get your name out there the more chances for new customers, potential business deals, and financial assistance.

We learn from one another. So attending small business workshops to get your creative juices going.

Most of all, remember to never give up. Keep pursuing your dream and you will find success.


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