Alone on a Beautiful Beach

by | Feb 7, 2013

Today I sat on the beach and thought about my life.

Just me. The waves crashing on the shore. The occasional sea gull. And my thoughts.

Too often I let my thoughts and feelings get skewed by the people around me. If they are happy, I am happy. If they are afraid, I am afraid. If they are angry, I am angry.

But this is my life. And these are my thoughts. And these are my dreams.

I have to start asking for what I want.

Today I read a post by Deepak Chopra on higher consciousness and how great leaders have a great sense of awareness.

They know what they want, they are aware of what other’s want, and they use their wants and others wants to bring about a greater good.

I think I have been wandering around blissfully unaware. And while the journey has been fun, I need to get my head out of the clouds, plant my feet solidly on the ground and chart my real journey.

Find my true calling.

I hope it involves this beach.





  1. Jill Weatherholt

    That sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. Beautiful photos!

  2. Scott Mitchell

    Nice writeup here and pics. I love Deepak Chopra. I was recently reading again the book “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle and was happy I did. The part about being in the middle of what we want and what we don’t want. Instead to live in the now. Well, I won’t blah blah here much. Just wanted to say hi and I like your blog

    • sookton

      Haven’t read that book but have been seeking a great read! Will have to check it out. Thanks for the tip. Always nice to hear from another soul searcher. There are greater paths out there for all of us.


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