5 Things I Loved As A Kid That I Still Love Now

by | Aug 24, 2010

1. A Nice Big Bear Hug


Sometimes when I feel down all I need is a nice big hug. See personally, I prefer bear hugs, the more you squeeze the more I like. And there is something about a hug that makes all other worries in the world disappear.

2. Vanilla Ice Cream…With Sprinkles On Top


Once in a while my mom would pick up me and my three friends (Abigail, Helen and Joy-Loi) from school in her yellow Peugeot and take us for a treat. We would drive into the center of town and I would be bouncing up and down in excitement because off in the distance I could see my favorite place: Sno Cream. Rushing in the door we would ask for the “usual” and mine was always a vanilla cone with multicolored sprinkles. The men that worked there knew us and looked out for us every time we came. That ice cream was delicious and boy would I enjoy each and every bite of that creamy cone. Last year I went back to Kenya after not visiting for many years and my cousin surprised me with a trip to Sno Cream. The place didn’t look the same, they had tried to revamp it, the familiar faces that used to light up when I rushed in were not there anymore and it didn’t feel the same. But let me tell you when I took that first bite of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and the creamy flavor just melted in my mouth, I felt just like that little girl all over again sitting on the high bar stools slurping up that ice cream cone.

3. Going On an Adventure

Yes those are elephants right behind me. I love adventures. Any kind of adventure will do. When I was younger I would make believe that I was an explorer or an astronaut or a hiker. I would pack my little bag and set off for the land of my imagination. Luckily I have parents who also love adventures so they were always taking me here or there and off to another adventure. This picture was taken right by Mount Kenya when I was about 7 years old. Another time my parents picked me up from school. They arrived unexpectedly and the receptionist sent a message over the intercom. ‘Will Suki please report to the principals office.” I thought I was in trouble and all the kids in my class were yelling, “Oooooo Suki’s in trouble.” I grabbed my books and hurried into the principals office with a big knot in my stomach. When I arrived there my parents were standing there looking stern. I thought to myself someone must of died OR I am in a lot of trouble, either way I am not looking forward to this.

“SURPRISE,” yelled my mom, who never really could keep surprises. “We’re going on holiday!” I was in shock.


“Now,” replied my dad.

“But what about my bags.”

“They’re packed and in the car,” said my mom.

And off we went to the coast to spend a week on the beach.

All these years later I still love surprises, and I love adventures. Whether it is a romantic night on the town or a week at the beach or a day at a water park if it sounds fun and adventurous I will go find my explorer cap.

4. Eating With My Hands


It may be a cultural thing but sitting just like this lady with a big bowl of scrumptious food and eating with my hands is the most comforting thing to me. I remember when I was a child my grandmother would make balls of rice and me and my cousins would gobble them up. Something about eating with my  hands makes all the food taste that much more delicious. It also feels very natural and authentic to me. To this day I  love eating with my hands at home or going to an exotic restaurant and enjoying the delicate cuisine right off the palms of my hands.

5. Being a Goofball

There are times even I think I am a little nutty. Like for example how I like to make up ridiculous dances that would make anyone look like a bafoon. My cousin Nazia and I came up with a dance when we were little that makes us giggle to this day because it involves only the stupidest of rhythms and gyrations. Ask her about it and she will probably laugh her butt off. My philosophy is: why take life so seriously all the time? Why not just be a big goof and have fun? Laughing is one of the best medicines and I thoroughly enjoy making people laugh. I once had soda literally spat on me for making someone laugh out loud. The goofy kid I used to be with knobby knees and knotted hair still lurks just below the surface and sometimes I have to let her out.

If living life also means being a big kid sometimes then pass me the crayons because being young at heart makes me realize what life is really all about.


  1. Loi

    Oh my goodness!!
    I really really really want an ice cream now 😀

  2. Lauratiara

    I like this on lifebook. Yay for being a goofball! Did i does that to you in that pic? Yer Welcomez!!!


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