5 Ways to Start Your Morning

by | May 13, 2016


Lately, I have been very much swimming in the the principles of the Law of Attraction. In case you aren’t familiar with the Law of Attraction, the basic sentiment is: you are what you are attracting; the energy you put out is what you receive; and if you ask for it and believe in it, you will receive it.

This got me thinking about how the thoughts we think in the wee morning hours not only affect our whole day, they affect our lives! We are the creators. We are creating the day, creating the energy, creating the way we experience the universe. If you can start your day with positivity, a humble heart, and motivation for success, then it will surely come to you.

Here are the five ways I started my morning:

1. Reading a Book and Drinking Tea


I sat with my book “Miracles of Mindfulness” by Thich Nhat Hahn and sipped on my cup of tea in my huge, bountiful Buddha mug and just took the morning in. It was glorious. I haven’t done this for a while as I get stuck in the rut of the morning news or checking Facebook- most of the time I end up feeling drained just by engaging in social media so early in the morning. This morning was different. This morning I just took it all in. I practiced mindful morning tea!

2. Taking a Walk with My Dog


We went to the park, we watched the birds and listened to the trees. I saw a woodpecker in its nest and I saw a beautiful yellow butterfly (my spirit guides). It was just blissful. As I walked, I was conscious of each step I put down onto the earth, of the breeze in my hair, of the sun on my shoulders. In those moments – in these simple moments – I am thankful and blessed. I count my blessings and I try to capture it all as best as I can in my mind’s eye.

3. Finding Silence

57ef2ad5eae96b7ed42e3c583913ab75This world is too noisy. From the loud cars going by, to people yelling and streaming, to the constant barrage of media in our face (social media, television, websites, advertisements, radio waves). Sometimes I just need to switch off and listen to nothing but silence. I need a dark room and a soft pillow and a thoughtless mind. I just lay there and let the messages flow to me. This morning, I had that chance. I just sat in silence and enjoyed it. I highly recommend this practice! There’s just too much noise and sometimes you just need to listen to yourself.

4. How Does My Garden Grow?

11212587_10102307164520714_7544773730117297234_oMy husband Rob has a green thumb and so we have the most lovely vegetable and herb garden out back of our house. This morning I found three ripe tomatoes and picked some organic basil too. I can’t wait to make them for dinner. As I picked them, I thanked Mother Earth for creating this abundance that will nourish me and my family. Stay tuned for a video post from Rob giving tips on how to grow great tomatoes in the hot summer.

5. Letting Go of Expectations of the Day

6030ebf1c62eadf6ae7aa802d75da143This morning I let go of any expectation of what the day would be or what I would accomplish. Instead, I just allowed the flow of life. It was so freeing! As someone that is very driven and goal-oriented, it can be very anxiety producing to constantly be thinking about what I will be doing next or what I have to complete. Today, I just said, “I am letting go of expectations. I am living in the present moment.” And it seemed like every moment was so powerful, every moment was that much more beautiful and cherished because I didn’t have a preconceived notion of it, I just allowed it.

I attracted a day that I loved. I know you can do the same.

How will you change your morning routine?




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