8 Awesomely Natural Things You Have to Try

by | Jan 27, 2013

1. Chakra Juice


The ancient Indians believed that our vital energies, or Prana, swirl in major pressure points of our body. These 7 points, known as Chakras, include the Crown Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, the Throat Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, and the Sacral/Root Chakra.

They believed if the Prana energy got blocked, then ailments or sicknesses occur. Ways to be cured? Yoga, exercise, healthy eating, and…juice?

The latest detox plan comes in the form of Chakra Juice. It may sound weird but I think they might be on to something. Fresh fruits and vegetables combine to unblock your chakras and get you back to your true potential. And hey, even if it doesn’t work, at least you got some good nutrients!

Here are some companies selling the chakra juice. My advice? Read the ingredients and make some juice yourself!

2. Mrs. May’s Natural Cashew Chews


Vegan, natural, and gluten free. O to the MG the first time I had Mrs. May’s Cashew Chews, I couldn’t put them down. A hint if sweetness combines with their crunchy, salty goodness to make these bad boys awesomely delicious. Warning: they are addictive!!

3. I.C.O.N. India Healing Hair treatment

Infused with Moroccan Argon Oil, Moringa Oil and other Far East spices this leave-in spray will rejuvenate your hair and leave it shiny, bouncy, and beautiful. The spray has quinoa and aloe, making it awesomely natural too. Best part about it is that it smells so dreamy! And it leaves my hair so soft, I don’t know what I did without it!


4. Vitamin C Facial Serum

I had a facial at a beautiful spa house in Denver, Colorado a few years ago. The aesthetician introduced me to something magical: vitamin C serum!

This stuff smells like pure concentrated oranges and transforms your face from tired, dry, and warn out to glowing and stunning. No wonder the celebrities swear by this stuff.
Apply after a late night of partying, traveling, too much sun, or just whenever you need a pick-me up.
Serum 20 by SkinCeuticals: $118
Cheaper alternative:
John Master’s organic Vitamin C serum $28.


5. Coconut Oil

In Indian culture coconuts are known as the fruit or prosperity. From the water, to the shell, to the leaves of the coconut palms, coconuts are used for almost everything.
Now, I’m a little biased. I’m a little obsessed with coconuts because they appear so prominently on both of sides of my family: the Pakistanis and the Seychellois.

You might know about coconuts, but let me introduce you to coconut oil.

Solid at 70 degrees, liquid at 75 this delicious oil can be used for cooking, on salads, in desserts, as a moisturizer and on your hair!

I particularly like it on salads or on my hair when it’s feeling dry and frazzled. Before bed: scoop a quarter size of oil, massage into the scalp and braid your hair. In the morning, wash thoroughly and wear with leave in conditioner.

Check out that shine:


6. Yoga on the Beach

The sand beneath your toes, sun in your shoulders, and the waves crashing nearby. As you breathe in, you take in the smell of the ocean breeze. Yoga doesn’t get better than this. I highly recommend yoga on the beach! Go on your own or find free yoga classes nearby you.

7. Source of Life
My husband loves vitamins. He chases me around the room trying to force me to take them. The first time he pulled out Source of Life liquid multivitamins, a green liquid filled with fruits, vegetables, and vitamins, I told him he must be crazy, there was no way I was drinking that crap.

Well somehow he convinced me one day when I was feeling particularly run down. The stuff tastes terrible but…wow the energy you feel! And your senses seem to come alive. The energy will last most of the day and boost your creative spirit.
Recommendation: drink in the morning with one full glass of water. Do not mix with another multivitamin.

8. Honey Ginger Tea

When I was a child I would constantly have sore throats. My doctor, who always spoke about homeopathic cures and the one he swore by was honey ginger.
Make your own here.
Benefits if ginger include: immune system boost, memory/brain function, good for colds, aids digestion.
Added tip: try it with flavored honey! So yum!


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