Ode to Lola, the Cutest Dog Ever to Capture My Heart

by | Jan 31, 2013

An Ode to the Faces She Makes

I didn’t think dogs could really smile until I met Lola. While I grew up with dogs and I remember them having distinct expressions, I don’t remember them grinning from ear to ear, or rolling their eyes at me, or looking really goofy and weird.

Lola has the most hilarious expressions!

She is forever keeping it real (and keeping me chuckling). Here are just  a few of her crazy expressions:


527688_10100717091709374_627547721_n smiles

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An Ode to the Way She Struts Her Stuff

Lola loves pink.She loves the camera. She only goes for Doggie Couture. You can reference her by her REAL name: Princess Lola, DIVA extraordinaire.

She loves pink shirts, red skirts, and if she could wear heels and lipstick, she would probably do that too. Check out all her poses and great fashion accessories in the pictures below.

TIP: A great resource for doggie treats and fashions is Doggy Loot, it’s kind of like Groupon or Living Social for your dog. Every day is a new doggie deal. Today I bought her some frozen doggie treats! I spoil this girl.

185367_10100823565829384_1891475513_n 550024_10100859002054904_830431829_n 552469_10100860778459974_1212605013_n 602825_10100842572130604_39449675_n

An Ode to The Way She Sleeps

No words.


snuggles64607_10100852606476694_204424573_n 217871_10100687604002974_479248464_n

An Ode the Way She Loves Me…

She loves me just the way I am. When I’m cranky, or moody, when I laugh, or when I cry, this girl loves me just the way I am. And for that, I will always thank her.


32287_10100783672011914_1389032538_n 68886_10100805679658414_1884030786_n 602384_10100771917033984_188140814_n

Thank you Lola…you are the cutest dog to ever capture my heart. 


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