Angel Jewelry by Serenity Oracle

by | May 3, 2016

Serenity Oracle Jewelry

A few months ago I met this sweet, special angel friend on Periscope named Melissa Serene.

Earth angels always recognize fellow earth angels so I was instantly drawn to her like an old, kindred soul. We started chatting and it turns out we had so much in common – just like I thought!

Melissa was in a job that no longer served her. That’s very common with us lightworkers, ending up in jobs we hate while we fret about how little time we have to save the world. Through our chats we encouraged each other to continue to pursue our dreams.

It’s hard when you’re standing at the cliff, knowing you have to make the leap.

But she jumped! She messaged me to let me know she had put in her two weeks notice and I was so proud of her. She now focuses all her energy on being of service as an earth angel. You should check out her Etsy store for angel and tarot card readings and this beautiful jewelry that she designs.

She sent me a few pieces and they are absolutely gorgeous. You can tell they are made with love.

Serenity Oracle jewelry

Dreamcatcher bracelet

Serenity Oracle jewelry

Om necklace

Owl necklace

Owl necklace

Thank you Melissa for this beautiful jewelry and for taking leaps.

You’re lighting up the world with your presence.

Visit Melissa’s shop on Etsy!


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