Call to Bloggers: Creativity Happens Randomly

by | Jan 9, 2014

Calling all bloggers!

Let’s get creative and collaborative.

You see, I believe the most creative writing come naturally, randomly, and flows effortlessly onto the page.

That’s why I want to do a little experiment.

I would like to write a poem/blog post with the help of all of my fellow creative bloggers.

I am calling each of you to send me just one sentence on the topic:


It doesn’t matter what you say, how it is structured, or what it is about. The more random the better.

Then, I will collect all the sentences and create a beautiful piece of prose/poetry.

  • It will be random.
  • It will be collaborative.
  • It will be creative.
  • And it will be fun!

At the end of the project, I will post the finished poem/prose here on my blog and I will include all of your names and ping backs to your blogs. That way, we can all share in the glory of our literary masterpiece!

If you want to participate, you can do so in 3 ways.

1. Email me your sentence

2. Tweet me your sentence

3. Leave your sentence in the comments section below


Thanks for your help and let’s get creative!


* I have the right to deny vulgar, inappropriate sentence submissions. This project will not be and should not be used for any monetary gain or to be published in any other way other than on this site. Each sentence is the intellectual property of his/her author and will be noted as such. 




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  1. Laura

    She likes to watch The Big Lebowski and drink vegan white russians.

  2. Nicole

    She is infinite love.

  3. Amanda Beck

    Her life and her heart changed forever twice, and each time she couldn’t remember what it was like before.

    • Sookton

      I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. inevertoldher

    Her confidence grew with every comment she read.


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