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by | Aug 2, 2010

I’ve been finding some really interesting pages out there on the ye olde Internets lately. There was a time when I thought I had come to the end of the Internet and BOY was I wrong!

If you have a minute to do any of these things, do them…now.

1. Which Famous Writer Do You Write Like?

It is kind of dumb and definetly hokey but that doesn’t make it any less fun. All you do is copy and paste your writing into an “analyze me” box and the computer tells you which famous writer you write like. So I tried it with one of my latest blog entries and it told me I write like James Joyce. Really? I don’t know about that one, I find myself much tamer than the Ulysses man. But I could possibly see the abruptness of his style being similar to my own.

Either way – it is something fun to check out. See what famous writer you write like.

2. Stumble Upon

Wow. I think I spent literally three hours doing this the other day. It is so cool! Basically it is a website where you input what kind of stuff you like (music, TV, blogs, the environment, movies) and then this website takes you to the ends of the web. You really can see things you would never find by searching for them. And stuff you wouldn’t usually look for either!

For example I found:

This guy that likes to create his own minimalist movie posters

Pretty cool huh?

Then I found other cool things like:

And much more! Start Stumbling Now!

3. Cool Wedding Blogs

My friend Felicity is a wedding planner and I have to give her blog mad props. She gives some cool ideas and wedding traditions and all around awesome ideas. She is new to the interwebs so check her out and comment on her page!

Every Last Stylish Detail

Other cool wedding blogs:

Bridal Snob (Bitch, Please)

Once Wed (Designer Weddings For Less)

Kiss the Groom

cool DIY Wedding blog: The Wedding Chicks
There is so much out there to find on the Internet! And here I was thinking I had come to the end of it.

Other Fun Blogs:

Quarter Life Chronicles

My friend Latoya has an awesome blog you should check out. Its all about being in our late twenties and thinking about life, marriage, career, buying houses. She also has some great insights into hair and fashion advise. Her blog is really what inspired me to write me own blog, so please check her out and give her props!

Add your blogs and fave pages in the comments!



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