Daily Truths

by | Jul 21, 2010

I had my dancing shoes on in the womb and I have come to realize that I never took them off. There is something about moving my body that just feels right. I feel powerful and small at the same time. When I’m dancing I feel the world in me, I understand the beauty of it all, I see the truth.

I was reading a great book the other day, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup, M.D. In one chapter she talks about the importance of exercise and its affect on the mind- our well-being. She asks you to recall a time when you were younger and you were moving your body. Whether you were spinning in circles until you fell over dizzy or you were dancing or skipping or running through a field she wants you to remember how it felt. That wind in your hair or the way it felt when the world was spinning around you. She explains how as adults we forget to move in ways we enjoy and that we should continue these activities.

Now I feel a little less weird pirouetting around the kitchen and jumping across the living room flower. I move because it feels right, I even have goofy dances I do when listening to the music on the weather channel.

There’s no way you are going to rip these dancing shoes off this prancing girl. Not in this lifetime.


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