Freeing Your Mojo

by | Sep 23, 2010

Today I conquered the mess. Well, I conquered part of the mess and it felt glorious.

It all began when my bubbly coworker walked into my office and offered to feng shui it up.

And so we got started cleaning that office. Changing it around. Freeing my creative mojo.

It seems I had it set up all wrong and it was stopping my flow. There were wires here and boxes there. I had my back to the door and my desk was covered in papers.

2 hours later and my, what a change!

May I add that I have come to the conclusion that the Ancient Chinese and Indians were friggin geniuses!

Feng shui is based on the theory that your environment should reflect your life and visa versa. If you lived in a cluttered mess so your life will be a cluttered mess. You should create balance and harmony in your environment (both work and home).

Meanwhile the Indians believe that your ailments come from blocked doshas. Doshas are parts of your body that can be divided up into three parts: pitta, vata and kappa. When one of your doshas are blocked your health will be thrown off balance.

Today I got to thinking about being free and being stuck. What if our whole purpose is to get un-stuck?

You see, my room and my car and my office were all a mess. I needed to declutter them in order to release my creative flow.

But what else in my life is cluttered? What else is stuck?

I think we are all stuck in different ways.

Stuck in anxiety? Stuck in fear? Stuck in hate?

Or maybe stuck in the wrong location? Stuck in a dead end job? Stuck in insecurities? Stuck in a loveless marriage?

How do we un-stick ourselves? How do we free our mojos, our energies, our drive, and get the flow back?

What’s funny is the flow is there all along. It’s just when we choose to realize it, to hit the nail on the head, to have the voila moment.

I don’t think I’ve had the voila yet although I do think I’m getting close.

And I’ve de-cluttered one area (work) now I just have to get the car and home cleaned. Then I can focus on unsticking those doshas too.


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