Getting Out of the Mess

by | Sep 20, 2010

This is what my life looks like right now:

Oh boy

I have about three unfinished blog posts and I apologize for that. My mother is in California along with my fiance. I have been knee deep in cleaning supplies for the past week. My bills have sucked my life dry and I am behind in school and at work.

Whenever I am a mess you will be sure to find my desk a mess, my room a mess, my car a mess, even – dare I say it -my blog a mess?

I actually heard someone saying she felt sorry for that poor girl that lives out of her car. Yes- that is how much junk I have in my car right now. And yes- I am exaggerating-it is what I do best, damn it!

Another thing that takes the biggest hit when I am stressed out is my body.

My body has been crying out for mercy for the past few weeks. “PLEASE, TAKE PITY UPON MY POOR SOUL!”

I went to yoga the other day and realized that I love the following poses:

Tree Pose: Source

The Tree

It feels amazing to just stand there and feel your feet solidly planted into the earth. For some reason it makes me feel centered and calm. It makes me realize where I am standing, who I am, what I am doing.

Whenever I feel unbalanced I stand this way. And I feel balance and calm again.

Give it a try!

I’ve also been painting mandalas, which I find incredibly soothing. They seem to bring down my anxiety quite well.

By golly these ancient Indians were doing something right! I need to get more into this stuff.

See the bottom of the post to see my mandalas.

So anyone when I am done zen-ing and pull myself out of this hot mess, I will complete those posts and get them up.

Although they are probably unfinished because they are crap.

So then again maybe I won’t.

But what I am sayyyiing is, I will climb out of this mess soon.

And then I will be back to my bloggerific, clean desk, finished projects, creative self again!

I promise.


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