Giving My First Psychic Medium Reading

by | Jul 19, 2017

The first time I gave a psychic medium reading…

I was nervous and unsure. My soul told me to do the reading. It was for a friend who’s mother had recently departed this physical plane. She was soft spoken, the mother, and distant as if on a far away radio station.

I was seeing and feeling but the images were coming in scrambled. I felt hot and shaky. What if my Friend didn’t believe what I was saying? What if this was all in my head? But the more I was channeling the more I¬†knew this was something real. I could see her mother – someone I had never met. But mainly I could feel her presence and just how much she wanted to give her daughter a big hug.

Since that day I have worked to fine tune this gift.

To quiet and still my mind so I can tap into this other dimension. The best explanation I give is that of a radio frequency. Angels and departed loved ones vibrate on a different channel but if we are very still, if we learn how to slow the mind, if we practice, we can hear or feel or sense them.

It’s very subtle at first. You might ignore it. It can start with a faint buzzing in your ear, or a sparkle or glitter of light. It can look like smoke or you might catch the whiff of perfume. But we can access that channel.


I’ve been giving very few of these readings but Spirit is telling me it’s time to continue to explore this gift.

Book a Psychic Medium reading with me today and speak to your loved one.

I hope you know your loved one is safe and in loving light. The transition is always the hardest for us here on earth. It’s a beautiful place- that next dimension. Some call it heaven. I call it the return. We’ve all been there at some Point and we will return.






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