Spiritual Evolution and the Beauty of the Fern

by | Jul 18, 2017

In 2004 I flew across the world to New Zealand. It was there, in that beautiful country, I found out about the beauty of ferns .

Silver Ferns are a national symbol in New Zealand, so I decided to get a Koru, a Maori symbol of the fern, “opening and spiraling, showing the transformation of your life,” tattooed on my ankle. It felt magical. It felt perfect.

“Ferns symbolize sincerity towards others. It can also be a symbol of magic, fascination, confidence, shelter, discretion, reverie and a secret bond of love.”

Today I continued that journey of unfolding at The Fern Forest with my friend Rachel Sorcher Photography. She took some beautiful photos of me out by the ferns. I felt their energy. I felt the magic of the unfurling. Thankful for this beautiful life. Thankful for the transformation. Thankful for friends who love butterflies and trees ☺️✨


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