Harnessing Your Divine Power

by | Apr 14, 2015

Harnessing Your Power

How do you harness your divine power?

This week I have spent a lot of time reflecting. I took off my clothes and looked at my real self in the mirror. I noticed the things I judged as perfect and imperfect. I looked at every line and every curve. And suddenly it hit me:

I feel beautiful but I don’t feel powerful.

Over the years, I spent a lot of time beating myself up and telling myself how imperfect I was. I used to tell myself I was short, ugly, fat, all the horrible words we call ourselves. And it took many, many years for me to come to terms with the fact that I am beautiful exact the way I am. I thank my husband for the constant reminders and the lift-me-ups when I was feeling down. He would say, “No darling, you’re beautiful,” when I would complain about being fat. Or he would say, “Don’t put on that make up, it hides your pretty face.” These constant reminders would help to mute the loud negative thoughts in my head. Until I finally started to see myself as beautiful, without the make up or the high heels or all the outside masks. Just beautiful from the radiance of my soul.

But then why do I feel so powerless? (Small like a mouse)

Last night as I was contemplating power and powerlessness, I had a real revelation. It dawned on me that power is something we all possess, we just choose how to use it. For some, power becomes like a drug. It can lead people down horrible roads and turn into manipulation, anger, and greed. For others, power is the easiest thing to give away. Thus giving away their power becomes like a drug. They are constantly the victim, always the down-and-out, satisfied in the self loathing. And then there’s the rest of the world- probably somewhere in the middle. Probably a lot like me. It was here, thinking these thoughts that I realized:

Most of us don’t know our power

It is as though we are all secret superheroes, sent with divine power to change the world in some way and yet we just can’t see it! Imagine if there was an amazing purpose that you were sent here to fulfill and it really meant harnessing your power, but instead of using that power for good you turned around and used it for greed? Or imagine if you gave someone else your power and just watched as the world went by? Or, worse of all, imagine if you had this power and then on your death bed you finally figured out that you had had it all along but it was too late?

We must acknowledge our strengths

We each have strengths and weaknesses. To acknowledge our strengths is to give a voice to our souls. The more we listen to our souls, the more we can be in alignment with our soul purpose. It seems simple, but yet it can be quite a trying journey.

Here are a few ways to harness your divine power:

1. Spend time in complete silence

Listening is different than hearing. When you listen, you tune in, you allow, and you receive. Spend time everyday just receiving. This can be in the few moments before you wake up or right before you go to bed at night. Turn off the noise and just spend some time listening to your soul. If you receive any flashes of inspiration, write them down.

2. Remember, Remember

When you were a child, you were more in tune with your soul. What activities did you love? Where could you be found on a Sunday afternoon? Take time to remember the powerful YOU, before you became powerless or blind to your power.

3. Break the Routine

Do something to get yourself out of your comfort zone. When we push ourselves, we see our strength. Go rock climbing or make a presentation at work, do something bold and fearless and show yourself that you CAN and WILL do whatever you put your mind to.

4. Pick Up That Old Dream

Was there an old dream that you left behind because it wasn’t practical? Who cares about practical, life is short! Do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Go traveling, or sing a song on a stage, or take an art class. Do the things you long to do and feel the power as it surges through you.

5. Stop Telling Yourself You Can’t

I admit this is my hardest step. Every time I am moving forward in my power, I suddenly stop and tell myself “I just can’t do it. The journey is too hard. I’ll never succeed.” All of these negative thoughts stop me straight in my tracks. But the truth is, why are you denying yourself your power? When I start to think of it that way, I realize that I AM THE GATEKEEPER. I am the one allowing or not allowing myself to move forward. When you see that you are accomplishing something, don’t stop yourself from succeeding.

That’s harnessing your power. And that is living in your truth.

I hope you will be the superhero you were always meant to be.



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