Here’s How the Feminine is Rising

by | Jan 29, 2018

My soul sister Oprah was on FIRE the other night at the Golden Globes.

Mmmm, she was speaking my language! Finally, women are coming together and standing in their truth.

All week that week I had been talking about speaking your truth. Speak your truth, be in your voice, let your voice be heard, express yourself. I am so proud of the women standing up and saying “NO we won’t be abused, and NO we are not going to take this anymore.” #MeToo

We live in a world in which we have to be constantly reminded to re-align with love and light. There’s so much darkness, there’s struggle, there’s pain, there’s war, there’s politicians playing Twitter games and we are all just here like, what in the hell is going on?

Remember Your Worth, Sister

It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game. You start telling yourself, “I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough, I don’t have enough money.” Social media just makes it worse and sometimes you just want to unplug and tell your friends to contact you the old fashioned way – by carrier pigeon.

That’s why I am writing this, to remind you – nothing can hold you down. You are a GODDESS. There are no chains that bind you. I repeat! There are no chains that bind you. And as long as you align with your truth, your infinite abundant rewards will be on their way.

Changing Your Mindset

This past year, I have been focusing on breaking some mindset and limiting beliefs that were stopping me from stepping into my power. You might be familiar with some of these:

  1. I’m not good enough
  2. It’s not the right time
  3. I have no money, I live from paycheck to paycheck
  4. That person is better than me
  5. I wish I had that kind of life

Oooooohh those are some tough, heavy feelings right there. Those are the kinds of feelings and thoughts that only lead to MORE of those kinds of feelings and thoughts, and the next thing you know you are broke, down-trodden, and wishing you were in a better place.

So I did some inner work to shift my money mindset and realize that my creative energy was a FORCE and that FORCE could attract all kinds of money and experiences and opportunities into my life.

This work is amazing. Just start by writing down five things you love about yourself. Try it right now. It is a life-changing practice!

Respect Yourself, Honor Yourself

Wow, so Oprah is such a masterful LIGHTWORKER. She totally knew what I know too. We are all working together on this deeper movement. It has to do with #MeToo but it’s epic and way huger than Me Too. It’s about respect, it’s about loving and honoring yourself, and it’s about realizing that women are goddesses and deserve to be treated as such.

This revolution that is coming right now is a wave of love. It’s a wave of truth and alignment and divine knowledge that CANNOT be stopped.

Ain’t nothing gonna hold us down. Keep rising!

Love and light,


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